Exiled Rwandan journalist killed in Uganda

2011-12-02 19:21

Kampala - A Rwandan journalist, who was living as a political refugee in Uganda's capital, has been shot dead in a bar, police said.

Charles Ingabire, editor of the Inyenyeri News website and a prominent and vocal critic of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, was killed at around midnight on Thursday, said officers.

"He was shot dead at a bar. We have arrested two people, a guard and a barmaid, and they're helping with investigations," Ibn Senkumbi, police spokesman for the Kampala metropolitan area, told Reuters.

Police said he had been given refugee status for political reasons, but added that they had not established a motive for the shooting. Well-known Rwandan exiles were quick to blame the country's security forces in posts on social media websites.

The Rwandan government has denied all accusations that it targets its opponents abroad, dismissing them as "preposterous" claims cooked up by a bitter opposition.

Seventeen years on from a genocide which killed up to 800 000 people, Rwanda, under Kagame's leadership, has become a darling of Western donors and investors.

But human rights groups have raised concerns about rising political repression, particularly around the time of an election last year in which Kagame won another seven-year term.

Rights groups at the time accused the security forces of being behind the killing of a local journalist and an opposition official who was found nearly beheaded.

Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, a former Rwandan army chief and liberation hero who had fallen out with Kagame, was wounded by a gunman in South Africa last year.

British police in May warned a prominent exiled dissident that they believed he was at risk of being assassinated by the Rwandan government.

  • Paris - 2011-12-02 21:38

    No doubt,this is another kagame`s hit.How long until this african hitler is stopped?The list keeps extending every day.Who doesn`t know that there`s no justice in Kagame`s Rwanda?That`s a pure Kangaroo court.period.Kagame is the sole responsible of the Genocide in rwanda aiming to becoming president.he shot down the plane of his predecessor killing him and the president of burundi on april 6 1994 at 21h00.Kagame is a terrorist who has assassinated 10000000(ten millions)Congolese.He`s sponsoring terrorism around the world and running assassination squads around the world.look at attempted assassination of Kayumba nyamwasa in South Africa,Seta shongasamba in Kenya,burglary in California at the house of Cynthia Mckinney in USA(former congresswoman),looting of DRC,Massacre in Kisangani(DRC)on5-11/06/2001 where more than 20000 civilians were assassinated,Massacre of Makobola in DRC,massacre of Kibeyo in rwanda in 1995,and numerous other crimes against humanity that I have good record of in my flash disc.So,people of media,don`t turnish yourself talking good about this devil man,the african Hitler.Rather report the truth so that he pays for all he has done.

  • Norah - 2011-12-02 22:03

    President Kagame has turned Rwanda a round, economic growth is increasing, the fight against corruption is being won ..more importantly, there is peace! no hatred betweeen Tutsi and Hutu, so what more do you want? Leave Kagame alone please..he's got a job to do and he's doin git well I might add! given the violent history of Rwanda, the country needs to be governed with a strong hand to prevent a flare-up of the horrors of 1994! Thumbs up to Kagame!

      Paris - 2011-12-02 23:43

      You do`nt know what you`re talking about.Do you think because he`s building Rwanda,he`s immune from prosecution?Have you ever lost a relative untimeously by a criminal.Do you know how it feels?? Think again before you respond.This Hitler kagame has done more evil than good.He must pay and he`ll pay sooner or later.You pretend that Hutus and Tutsi live in peace in Rwanda,that pure falacy.The monolitic army,the monolitic economy!! who doesn`t know that the hutus are frustrated and when they want to speak out they`re immediately labelled genocidaire?How many hutu leaders are innoncently jailed in rwanda?Ingabire victoire,to name but a few??I promise you,like it or not,he`ll pay for what he has done to congolese.

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