Five Kano attackers were suicide bombers

2012-01-23 23:01

Kano - Nigerian police said on Monday that five of the assailants in the wave of attacks in the main northern city of Kano on Friday were suicide bombers.

Police commissioner Ibrahim Idris also said in a statement that several hundred explosive devices had been found in the wake of the attacks that killed 184 people, among them more than two dozen policemen.

Police investigating the attacks have found 10 cars loaded with IEDs (improvised explosive devices) at various places in the state capital, along with about 300 drinks cans, eight powdered milk tins and eight 350kg drums - all loaded with explosives.

Kano was rocked on Friday by more than 20 explosions, with eight locations targeted, including police and immigration offices, as well as widespread shootings and gun battles. Bodies littered the streets the next morning.

The attacks were claimed by the Islamist sect Boko Haram.

  • BA - 2012-01-24 08:38

    Can someone please explain what is the difference between a muslim and an islamist?

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