France evacuating nationals from Libya

2014-07-29 18:01

Paris - France was evacuating its nationals from Libya on Tuesday amid increasing lawlessness and unrest, a government source said, after similar moves by other European nations.

There are less than 100 French nationals in Libya and they will be taken out of the country by ship, the source said, adding that the operation would be over by the afternoon.

Several countries, including Britain, France, Germany and Egypt, at the weekend advised their nationals to leave immediately.

The United States for its part evacuated its embassy, citing a real risk because of fighting between troops loyal to the Libyan government and Islamists.

Other countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Turkey, have also advised their nationals to leave the country.

  • Derek Bredenkamp - 2014-07-29 20:56

    good they must f off, they are responsible for this chaos to begin with, hopefully Libya can get back to normality soon.

  • africanhero - 2014-07-30 05:08

    First to jump in against the peaceful Khadafi, first to jump out in the face of the lawlessness they themselves inflicted to the country by killing its not-so-bad dictator.

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