Fresh air raids in Tripoli

2011-04-23 07:52

Tripoli - Nato forces carried out fresh air raids early on Saturday on Tripoli, where several blasts were heard after many warplanes flew over the Libyan capital, AFP journalists said.

Anti-aircraft fire rang out as ambulance sirens wailed. Al-Libya television said Tripoli was "now the target of raids by the barbaric crusader colonialist aggressor," a euphemism for Western forces.

Several loud blasts had already been heard in Tripoli late on Friday, after Nato warplanes overflew Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's stronghold throughout the day.

Three explosions were heard at 18:15 in the west of the city, followed minutes later by several more blasts.

Among the targets was a patch of bare ground surrounded by walls and turrets whose entrance is under permanent army guard opposite the Bab al-Aziziya residence near the centre of the capital. Authorities who took foreign correspondents there said it was "a parking lot".

Two bombs targeted what looked like a bunker. At the bottom of two craters two metres wide and more than a metre deep could be seen a layer of concrete pierced by the bombs. Nearby were a dozen empty ammunition cases.

"They are sewers," officials explained. They did not report any victims.

An international coalition launched air strikes against Kadhafi's forces on March 19, in a declared mission to protect civilians under a UN mandate. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation took control of the operation on March 31.

  • My - 2011-04-23 08:15

    “Fresh air raids” . . . What, was the previous air raids stale? They should always check the BB date on them missiles :-)

  • Redwine - 2011-04-23 08:33

    Just when I thought polution will get the better of us in this region I have to hear to my delight Western forces are about to invade us with fresh air

  • ? - 2011-04-23 08:49

    The racist,imperialist and zionist forces are at it again.Cant they get it through their thick heads that Gaddafi isnt going to go? If the majority of libyans are not rising up against Gaddafi,then what makes these invaders think they have a right to just blow up a sovereign country,when these rebels occupy only a small piece of libya,and then recognise these rebel terrorists as the legitimate government?

      sasam - 2011-04-23 09:31

      Please accept a lesson in deeper unconditioned thinking that the shallow public doctrines allow. Firstly - think about it - does the silent Libyan majority keep silent out of blissfull acceptance of Gadaffi's rule or pure Fear? If you arrived at the logical answer, let's go one step further. What role does morality play in the decisions made by the major role players on the globe who can actually influence history? Lets keep it simple, either something or nothing. If you have arrived at the logical answer, lets play the hypothetical game - as if any of our views counted at all in the bigger scheme of hocus pocus - and say that we can judge out of a moral point of view. Is it moral for an individual to keep millions of civilians in a state of fear, without freedoms of choice, by asserting his "right of power". Note this right as being the basic governing rule of animalistic nature. The most of us hopefully try to improve our condition by differentiating ourselves from animals by altruism (if it exists at all). Now this individual - who asserts his right by pure power - has no moral leg to stand on if a more powerful antagonist decides to assert his power over this individual in turn. I truly hope that this lesson in actual morality and unconditioned thinking hits a target somewhere which can be applied by exercising a more enlightened view of our local cicumstances as well.

      ? - 2011-04-23 11:17

      morality? Since when does the west have morals? Look what Africa looks like because of western morals. Democracy is a western value that is being imposed on non-westerners.They have for centuries lived under a authorotarian chief,monarch and yep youve guessed it,an authorotarian dictator,its how they live,and the west has no right to change this.The pakistani government only controls a certain percentage of pakistan with the rest under tribal leadership,and the same can be said about Libya.These tribes are loyal to Gaddafi,and why should they be loyal to the west or want democracy?

      slg - 2011-04-23 16:07

      No-name, it was with the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Iran where all this started, the demand for freedom from tyranny and oppression. This is a physical universe of FREE WILL, time and space. Dictators and tyrants go against this God-given condition of our existence here and impose themselves on their people and hijack the states resources for their own aims. What you are seeing here is an unstoppable demand from the people of the Middle East for freedom from tyranny and oppression. Unstoppable. The outcome won't look like Western democracy, and it shouldn't. It will be greater freedom from oppression and the end of these tyrannical rulers iron and murderous grip on the people of the Middle East.

  • Sword&Cross - 2011-04-23 08:53

    The SA zuma dictatorship must follow soon after zanu-pf is finally expunged. The Americans that were so keen to have zuma placed as head so as to get an easy lackey to do their bidding will soon experience a similar retort as in mugabe turning and biting the hand that feeds it SO WAKE UP, UN and USA and EU - - - All is NOT as it appears and is stated it is meant to be in the rabid racist vengeful tribal dictatorship pretending to be a democracy in South Africa. Once we can can elevate the decent educated and productive blacks to run SA and stop the senseless free grant/coercion system, and free the southern african diaspora from this continuous oppressive brutality we can take Africa to be THE LEADING CONTINENT for decades.

      Cyril - 2011-04-23 09:30


      ? - 2011-04-23 11:43

      @Cyril Zimbabwe next? hahahaha,dream on boytjie,itll never happen,zimbabwe has no oil and is no threat to israel

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