Gaddafi killing could be war crime: ICC

2011-12-16 12:14

New York - The International Criminal Court chief prosecutor said on Thursday there are serious suspicions that the killing of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was a war crime.

Luis Moreno Ocampo also said the Libyan government must tell the court by January 10 whether they will hand over Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam.

Gaddafi was captured and killed on October 23 in murky circumstances, and Moreno-Ocampo told reporters "we are raising our concerns" with the interim government and asking how it would investigate crimes by all sides in the uprising against the Libyan strongman.

"The death of Muammar Gaddafi is one of the issues to be clarified - what happened - because there are serious suspicions that it was a war crime," Moreno Ocampo told reporters after briefing the UN Security Council.

A UN commission of inquiry is also to go to Libya and Moreno-Ocampo said he would speak with member nations of the Security Council to see if they had evidence on the Gaddafi killing.

The prosecutor said his investigators were in Libya last week to pursue the inquiry. "We are working very closely to the government of Libya which has to manage a very complex situation," he said.

There has been international unease over the way Gaddafi died after opposition fighters dragged him out of a concrete sewage pipe where he had been hiding near his home city of Sirte.

Videos taken at the time showed him alive. Subsequent footage shows a bloodied Gaddafi being hustled through a frenzied crowd, before he disappears in the crush and the crackle of gunfire can be heard.

Gaddafi's son was captured last month and ICC judges will have to decide on any challenge by the Libyan government to their authority to try the case. Libya has said it wants a national trial for Saif.

Moreno-Ocampo told AFP in an interview that the government will not have to transfer Saif to the tribunal in The Hague before any decision is taken.

"The judges are asking the Libyan government if they are going to surrender Saif. In a letter sent to the judges, they said they would first investigate all the crimes in Libya," Moreno-Ocampo said.

"So we will see what the government says. They have been asked to reply before January 10," he added.

  • cosmos.ndebele - 2011-12-16 12:23

    That was perfect example of war crimes by the Islamist and their western backers

      Mr.J.Crawford - 2011-12-16 13:31

      While I’m sure most of us would agree that Gaddaffi was no saint, the manner in which he was killed was highly disturbing. To have to endure being stabbed with a sharp object in his rectum and then have his body on display for days is nothing short of barbaric. Period! Yes he was an evil man, and yes he was almost certainly guilty of committing war crimes... which is why he should have been tried so the *whole* truth can come out.

  • Henry - 2011-12-16 12:34

    He was murdered on the 20th of October, not the 23rd...get it together news24.

  • Max - 2011-12-16 12:37

    If you kill someone you obviously have no respect for life and the rules of society. Crying wolf when society takes revenge is in bad taste. If you whant to follow your own rules, don't cry when they are applied to you!

  • Michelle - 2011-12-16 12:45

    we live in a world where the truth will not be told. it was terrible what happend to him. he was a human being,regardless what he did,OR NOT DID! he needed a fair trail, not him dying on tv. and hillary was laughing. gaddaffi will have the last laugh....

  • Grant - 2011-12-16 12:50

    I have long considered Gaddafi to have been a despot along the lines of Mugabe but I wa appaled at the way he was killed and the way his body was paraded in a supermarket deepfreeze. Believe me, I am no bleeding heart liberal. I was once told that I was one step to the right of Ghengis Khan.

      Peter - 2011-12-17 10:09

      Well said Grant I wish I could march with GHENGIS KHAN we could really sort out this country and the rest of the world, and I am not a liberal

  • Darkie - 2011-12-16 13:15

    If you know nothing about Law Of Armed Conflict(LOAC) and Geneva Convention Protocols, shut up!

  • David - 2011-12-16 13:15

    Why wory about how gaddafi died , the people he killed in his time in goverment, forced on the people of Lybia, were a lot worse and the suffering he caused good riddance! Just a pity other African despots are not also taken out soon in any manner possible!

      Patrick - 2011-12-18 21:06

      David just think like Human being even if Gaddafi is regarded as bad man but he dint deserve to die with out trial. and I believe so called ICC has untachable people look what happened to Iraq people who orded killing and bombing of kids are regarded us good leaders. so David just think back

  • theuns.esterhuysen - 2011-12-16 13:15

    The ICC are selective puppets of their backers, who only prosecute who they are told to prosecute and common sense tells even an idiot like I am that jurisdiction to overule a national government of a sovereign state's decision to prosecute the son of Gadaffi, does exist in the fear that they try to execute in the minds of the believers of the ICC. Viva the new government of Lybia. I say shoot the bastard.

  • Richard - 2011-12-16 13:47

    He was a piece of s%*t and got what he deserved,if you don`t believe me ask the families of Lockerbie and the Pan Am flight that this poor soul was responsible for.

  • Trevor - 2011-12-16 14:45

    Who cares, you live by the sword then, you'll die by the sword. Way he died is the way he ruled his people so one would not expect anything less.

  • frans.grobler3 - 2011-12-16 15:59

    Gaddafi killing could be war crime! but the ICC did nothing so the people did.

  • Bob - 2011-12-16 16:40

    Those responsible should stand trial. No matter what Gaddafi was, you do not act like animals in the heat of the moment.

  • Chaapo - 2011-12-16 17:08

    Still won't bring him back and it is just deserts for this megalomaniac monster. You think the people whose family members were killed at his orders care what the ICC says? His was an easier death - he should have had been made to experience the slow torture that we saw some of his prisoners subjected to in the videos that were uncovered of the interrogation session.

  • ReunionofIntelligentMinds - 2011-12-16 19:28

    The International Criminal Court is investigating 'mad'. Why can't they leave Libya to rebuild their country without interfering. Gadafi is dead and why waste money and time on who or who not did it. I feel his son should stand trial in Libya as well.

      Peter - 2011-12-17 10:12

      Like everything else they are a waste of time in all they do, except all the free parties and boozeups everywhere they go in the world

  • Peter - 2011-12-17 10:05

    Tell these clowns he was a murderer, what was he doing for the last 40 years just like uncle bob in zimbabwe.zz Zimbabwe means, zero intelligence mainly because all brilliant whites emigrated enjoy that one????

      Senaba Melton Raphepele - 2011-12-18 01:12

      No,Zim is for Africans.White settlers were chased from the land that they stole.Now they are refugees in Britain and South Africa.May Malema rise again!

  • Senaba Melton Raphepele - 2011-12-18 01:30

    It is amazing how the western propaganda play around with the minds of the uneducated peasants.The best weapon in the hand of colonialists is illiteracy,brainwash and couple of weapons - Africans will shoot and hate each other to be 1st to give away land,oil and diampnds.Gadaffi's crime ws 'unification of Africa',you fools!

  • Senaba Melton Raphepele - 2011-12-18 01:30

    It is amazing how the western propaganda play around with the minds of the uneducated peasants.The best weapon in the hand of colonialists is illiteracy,brainwash and couple of weapons - Africans will shoot and hate each other to be 1st to give away land,oil and diampnds.Gadaffi's crime ws 'unification of Africa',you fools!

  • craig.a.salter - 2012-01-21 09:56

    I think the UN and America are just upset because they couldn't find him first. The U.S Troops shot Bin laden and they being made out as hero's. Rebels killed Gaddafi now they under investigation for war crimes. Gotta love this world

  • John - 2012-03-03 10:52

    As a leader of a country he treated so despicably, the manner in which he died was justified. Had he survived and ended up in The Hague's ICC, his trial would have lasted forever and ever and ever... What about the Romanian despot, Ceausescu who was done away with some 17 years ago or so - not many tears were shed when he was shot.

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