Gaddafi reportedly in Sabha

2011-08-30 14:11

London - Deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is reported to have been in the capital Tripoli as late as last Friday and to have gone from there to the southern desert town of Sabha, Britain's Sky News said on Tuesday, quoting a 17-year-old bodyguard of his son Khamis.

Gaddafi's whereabouts have not been known since forces opposed to him captured Tripoli and his 42-year-old rule collapsed a week ago after a six-month uprising backed by Nato and some Arab states.

Sky quoted the unnamed captured bodyguard as saying Gaddafi held a meeting with Khamis at around 13:30 on Friday in a Tripoli compound that was under heavy fire at the time by anti-Gaddafi forces.

Gaddafi had arrived in a saloon car and was also joined shortly afterwards by his daughter Aisha.

"They had a short, short meeting, the boy says. He wasn't close to them but he could see them very clearly," said Sky reporter Stuart Ramsay.

"They swapped into a series of Land Cruiser cars and headed off. He spoke to his immediate officer (who said) 'They're going to Sabha'."

Along with Gaddafi's home town of Sirte, Sabha is one of the few remaining places in Libya where pro-Gaddafi forces are holding out.

Aisha is one of three of Gaddafi's children who, along with his wife, have now been confirmed to have crossed the border into Algeria.

  • beicime - 2011-08-30 14:15

    Keep him on the run.

  • Nepster10 - 2011-08-30 14:19

    Go get him.

  • Dougalan - 2011-08-30 14:42

    What's the bounty on Gaddafi's head now - 1.7 million dollars? Hmmm - how far is Sabha from here?

  • Chapungu - 2011-08-30 14:43

    The hunter become the hunted , will see if he can hide like Osama.

  • Hilary Ojukwu - 2011-08-30 15:38

    Muammar Gaddafi is still able to command and control his remaining troops even though the Libyan leader is on the run, a NATO spokesman said on Tuesday, adding that his whereabouts are unknown. Colonel Roland Lavoie, military spokesman of the NATO air mission in Libya, said: "He is displaying a capability to exercise some level of command and control."

  • alicia - 2011-08-30 16:14

    No time to waste. Look high and low....his name still spells Trouble.

      John Burnstein - 2011-08-30 16:23

      Oh really alicia???

      slg - 2011-08-31 00:55

      Yes, really, mainly to himself. Look what he's created. No future and immediate terror, pain and suffering for himself and his loved ones.

  • Mxhuma - 2011-08-30 17:23

    Sabha is another name for Dutywa. He is here! He left on a Jet plane. He does not know if he will ever be back again.

  • marco - 2011-08-30 18:46

    Let's see what the NTC does in Sirte where the city had been given 4 days by the Rebels to surrender or face the consequences.If the Gaddafi loyalist in Sirte don't surrender then they ****ed big-time says the Rebels.Trouble is what will NATO do once the NTC Rebels shoot into the Libyan civilians of Sirte?UN Resolution 1973 said in March 2011 that NATO's intervention in Libya was to the protect the civilian population,however will that Resolution 1973 still say the same thing come Saturday once the 4 day deadline is up?What will NATO do when the Rebels attacks on Saturday and civilians are caught in the middle of it as Gaddafi Forces are using them as human shields?Will NATO have the brass balls and attack the Rebels aswell like they did with GADDAFI, since the resolution stipulates protection of civilians.If NATO allows the Rebels to fire into Sirte and then killing civilians then this whole Libyan thing was or has been about Gaddafi's Regime change and nothing more. The other thing is,these NTC are not what some in the Media and on this forum make them out to be.Why do I say that?You see the NTC appointed Albarrani Shkalil as Head of Security in Tripoli.Who is he and why did that appointment of his cause so much protest against the NTC's way of doing things in Libya? It's simple.This guy helped Gaddafi control Libya for years,and this spring he helped Gaddafi's 32nd Brigade launch it's assault on Misrata.In this assault,Shkalil,was operations officer for Khamis Gaddafi

  • marco - 2011-08-30 18:51

    until he defected following the failed operation to crush Misrata.That was seen as an insult to those who died defending the city and 500 Libyans protested against their NTC.The NTC argued that they needed experienced people in position of authority if they are to make a success of this experiment in democracy. Already Rebels in Misrata said they don't recognize Shkalil or any orders from him. Not so rosy afterall. In Benghazi the s**t get's worse and very interesting indeed. Last month the rebel commander Abdel Fattah Younis was murdered in Benghazi. Rumour has it that it was a faction within the NTC coalition,the Islamist militia,that carried out the killing. The NTC did investigate the incident and said it knows the identity of the killers,but that they won't release the information in the "higher interests" of the reveluotion.Cracks in the NTC facade are beginning to show,it don't mean a civil war is looming,but they are strong warnings that if the NTC doesn't manage the division of power in the new Libya with great skill like Gaddafi did when ran the show,then all hell will break loose.NATO was so eager to get Gaddafi out of the way let's see how they and the UN resond to the K@K the NTC is about to cough up.

      slg - 2011-08-31 00:56

      Couldn't agree more with you Willow. Well said.

      marco - 2011-08-31 01:11

      @WillowI It took you 6 hours to post your pointless K@K reply to my post.Probably will take you another year to post another you freak. "sharing of the wealth" bloody hell you sound just like that fart in the wind Julias Malema.Tell me have you been sucking his c**k recently in order for you to talk and sound like him. "don't bore me any further 'this is a Western ploy to get hold of the oil' theories" who the **** told you to read and comment on my post as if it were written especially with you in mind.You c**t you've got some ****ing nerve telling me that you piece of garbage talking to me like that.Who the **** do you think you are talking to me like that you punk!!!Stability my a**e just **** the hell off.

      WillowI - 2011-08-31 01:58

      Six months ago the neighbours of Libya (firstly Tunisia and then Egypt) did exactly the same thing - their inhabitants did a popular uprising against decades' old rulers. These were successful and currently those countries are relatively at peace and busy re-writing their constitutions in order to elect their own new representatives. It does not matter one iota what ANYONE thinks anymore. The same WILL happen in Libya. And the major advantage in future for ALL these countries will be that at least they got rid of a dictator and his family in each country only enriching themselves! I would say that is a win situation for all the people. And for ALL the Western oil conspiracy theorists - these uprisings were by the people that live in those countries at great cost to themselves. I predict great stability in these countries for a very long time. We shall see. How do you prefer this version ? At least we agree on two things 1.) Julias Malema 2.) Uncalled for interjections – but it is inevitable that someone will have some commentary – this is a public forum after all.

  • MotswanaPlaya - 2011-08-30 20:02

    John burnstein, youre a prick

  • Theo - 2011-08-30 21:04

    So much for victory or martyrdom. I think he is never going to see all those young virgins in the afterlife.

  • markdija - 2011-08-31 21:09

    SABHA and Zella are Oil installation areas , so they have resupply for people on the run heading either south or south west into the countries surrounding the lower part of Libya, money talks as they say. these are very poor areas and a Ghadaffi training area in the past, satelittes should catch the rat

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