Gaddafi's fugitive son captured

2011-11-19 13:22

Tripoli - Ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's fugitive son, Seif al-Islam, has been arrested in the south of the country, a senior National Transitional Council official told AFP on Saturday.

Seif al-Islam, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court, was "arrested in southern Libya", said NTC justice minister Mohammed al-Allagui, declining to give any details.

The ICC issued warrants on June 27 against Seif al-Islam as well as his father and Abdullah al-Senussi, the late dictator's intelligence chief, on charges of crimes against humanity in crushing anti-regime protests.

Muammar Gaddafi was killed a month ago after being captured in his hometown of Sirte on the coast.

  • Nhlanhla Bhungane - 2011-11-19 14:55

    So what?

  • Utopian - 2011-11-19 15:00

    100 bucks says he won't make it to stand trial. There is just no way that the west is going to allow him to tell the rest of the world that the uprising was staged by Qatari special forces who dressed up as civillians and claimed they were going to liberate libya. How ironic when the first thing they did after taking Bhengazi, before suppling food and medical supplies was to set up a Libyan central bank. Before this whole thing started their loans were interest free, education was free, basic services were free and they were they had the highest income average per capata in Africa. Also they were not going to accept the US $ as payment for oil anymore and the US could not standby and let that happen.

  • Helmut - 2011-11-19 15:11

    @utopian.Have you seen martians latly

      Utopian - 2011-11-19 18:52

      @ Helmut, have you cleaned your visor lately

  • Helmut - 2011-11-20 08:53

    @Utopian. I like your humour

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