Gaddafi's son won't be sent back to Libya

2011-09-16 22:25

Niamey - Niger's government said on Friday it will not send Saadi Gaddafi, son of the deposed Libyan leader, back to Libya.

Asked by journalists if Niger would turn Gaddafi's son over to Libya's new authorities, government spokesperson Marou Amadou said, "No."

"With regard to [our] international obligations, we cannot send someone back there where he has no chance of receiving a fair trial and where he could face the death penalty," he said.

  • veld66 - 2011-09-16 23:22

    Viva Niger...Those Islamist rebels are very dangerous this guy will be killed for having the name Gaddafi.....

      Mandla - 2011-09-17 00:33

      Its true Rebels will never rule the country democraticaly,People of Libya will worse ofter Gaddafi just like what is happening in Iraq.Iraqs are now worse than Saddam Hussain.The west have abandoned them,they have fulfiled their mission of shipping Iraq oil to America.Libya will via the same route,their oil will be shipped to France,USA and Britain given the fact that the discent crock Davide Cameron is already in Libya to over see that oil starts flowing to Naato countries in bulk.

      steve - 2011-09-17 06:05

      This continent will remain dark as long as African leaders supports dictators who use state machinery ti wipe it's own people. It's not a secret that Gaddafi use to fund this poor African states, or is it a question of returning a favor? What's next? Gaddafi will show up in S Africa and leave a lavish life at the expense of tax paying South Africans.

      PoloyaPere - 2011-09-17 08:02

      I agree with Niger govt. That group of rebel rats who are supporting Nato to destroy their own country are just a bunch of terrorist who are out for revenge and know nothing about a fair trial. I watched a viseo of them slashing throats of captured government soldiers and what do you expect from them. Only these racists whites will keep supporting them and Nato cause it serves them right that they are not affected.

      Ryan - 2011-09-18 00:46

      @ Poloyapere ... you are an idiot. those rebel rats are the people of Libya, the ones that for 40 years were ruled by that despot Gaddafi, who would not allow elections and silenced all his opponents, often with a gun. I presume you are south african .. so how would you feel if some white guy took over the government in a coup (like Gaddafi did 40 years ago) and then prevent any elections for 40 years ??? Im betting youd be pissed off and become one of those rebel rats right !!! muppet

      Ryan - 2011-09-18 00:52

      @ poloyapere ... I am going to educate you ... those government soldiers you are defending murdered hundreds of peaceful protesters (protesting at not having a vote) before those "rebels" took up arms. those government soldiers included mercenaries from around the world that Gaddafi paid to fight on his behalf. and just so you know, Gaddafi and his army and mercenaries were equipped with much superior firepower than the rebels. NATO levelled the playing field. you got a problem with that ??? muppet

      slg - 2011-09-18 16:49

      Hell Mandla, have you missed all the discussion on the oil question? The lion's share (sixty to seventy percent) of oil revenues remain in the country in which the oil resources exist. This is the international norm. Libya and Iraq are better off now in this regard because they don't have brutal dictators siphoning off billions for themselves and development takes place based on international norms, not the whims of one dictator's personal agenda. All oil is paid for at the ruling international price. The developers and refiners are awarded tenders on the open market. I recommend Googling these things before making statements that are obviously wrong and and embarrassing.

  • Anton - 2011-09-17 00:29

    Well at the least they can send the stolen loot back he brought along. That is cash, gold, and other valuables, he stole from the Libyan people!!!!!

      Barr. Fazal KUILA - 2011-09-17 04:46

      We do know that your interested in this war was to stole from the Libyans, go and collect the money you idiot. Niger people are most wiser than your useless westerners...

      slg - 2011-09-17 16:53

      "We" as in me and a few other supporters of mindless, brutal dictators.

  • Anton - 2011-09-17 07:36

    What is clear, after reading comments for the past 5 months; is that, whenever a comment contains, racism, hatred, filth or derogatory remarks, they ALWAYS and ALWAYS come from gaddafi supporters. Makes one think!!!!

      PoloyaPere - 2011-09-17 07:55

      Racist remarks come from NATO supporters who dont care a damn about African people but only Lybian oil.

      slg - 2011-09-18 16:52

      Poloya, that's an immature, infantile perspective that lacks complexity and true understanding of what is really happening in Libya and the Middle East. You should be with the new generation freeing themselves from brutal dictatorial rule, not against them. You;r eon the wrong side. Has this not dawned on you yet? One hundred million people of the Middle East (fully one-third) have freed themselves to date.

  • aryantoo - 2011-09-17 10:45

    What can we expect from gaddafi suporters,who have a combined IQ of 00 (zilch) ther are digging africas grave

  • avner19 - 2011-09-17 14:27

    Why do we write "Gaddafi" with a "G" while we write "Kat" with a "K" for the Drug plant, while both are written using the same Arabic Letter... Should be either Kaddafi & Kat or Gaddafi & Gat

      aryantoo - 2011-09-17 15:13

      I think to ff are missing

      Ryan - 2011-09-18 11:17

      his surname is often spelt starting with a G, a K, and even a Q in newspapers. those newspapers that spell his surname Kaddafi probably do so to give you fewer sleepless nights. ;)

  • Goldenk9 - 2011-09-17 16:13

    Truth of the matter, is despite the West's antics, Gaddafi overstayed his welcome on the throne and was now boring his people, just like Mugabe. 40 yrs for one individual is just too much. The problem with African leaders is that once they are on the throne, they start to think they own the whole world, by so doing illegitimising themselves. Why not become like Mandela, become a world respected ex-president. At one time Mugabe himself was a darling of the west, and at some point was the most travelled person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, viviting the west......! Untill he decided that Zimbabwe was his own project. 2008 was bad, but 2012 may turn into another Ivory Cost!

      slg - 2011-09-18 16:55

      What do you mean by "the West's antics"? Are you aware that the Arab League, representing three hundred and fifty million people of the Middle East, and Turkey, a country of 80 million Muslims, are behind Nato's intervention in Libya? I agree with the rest of what you say.

  • sniperman - 2011-09-17 16:41

    All the Gaddafi's should be tried and executed in public as a lesson for all corrupt 3rd world politicians who think they can oppress and steal from the people.

      Law01 - 2011-09-17 22:57

      SniperMan: you do not befit that name, you behind mate, which Politician is not corrupt, Obama, Bush, Blair, Oh please, US controls the media so obviously they will depict Obama etc in a good light BUT paint 3rd world politicians with e negative brush. Come on Sniper, mate be sharp!!

      Ryan - 2011-09-18 12:15

      @ Law ... whether or not all politicians are corrupt, and to what degree, is debatable, but besides the point !!!! a huge difference between the politicians you listed and Gaddafi is that those politicians gave their people the right to freedom and vote but Gaddafi did not. simple. so please do not use Gaddafi in the same sentence as those other leaders.

      slg - 2011-09-18 16:57

      Law, clearly you know very little about how things work in the freer world. How on earth does "the US control the media"?

  • Law01 - 2011-09-17 22:58

    Iraq & Libya were the most prosperous of nations, go do your research, they were not colonised. The US run by Zionists pull the strings to puppets Obama, Bush etc. They could not see these thriving nations, though Saddam & Gaddafi did oppress minorities but which nation does not oppress a sector of its population, and had to bring them down at the expense of Millions of lives including civillians, soldiers on both sides, and there was no justicfication in both cases. All part of the zionists plot to rule the World, gaining control of key Natural resources. beware people, read the Book " Confessions of an economic Hitman" by John Perkins and go to, this is riveting stuff,better than a Hollywood Movie, sadly it is reality!!!

      slg - 2011-09-18 21:59

      Six million Libyans have down their research. They've lived the lie you're trying to ply here. Clearly they do not agree with you, and that's all that counts. It's their country, their future.

  • penada - 2011-09-18 07:57

    Ryan U were making sense until the end there tiger. Use common sense, how did NATO level the playing field if they used aerial attacks to attack gadaffi and provided sattelite logistical real time data to assist the rebels? To have a level playing field would assume both sides had the same fire power. The rebels had air power, tank power, superior weponry hand delivered by sarkosy, better intelligence while gadaffi loyalists were fighting practically on two fronts, against the rebels and NATO? Please don't call people dumb as if u possess superior intellect when clearly u don't.

      Ryan - 2011-09-18 11:05

      ok what do you call it ?? no 2 countries are ever going to have the same firepower, which would mean to include the same quantity and technology of weapons. but I think it is clear what was meant by levelling the playing field ... ie. that the rebels, with NATO's help had a chance of winning, whereas before it was always going to be one victor ... Gaddafi ! Gaddafi's men had far superior training and weapons. and the Gaddafi loyalists had hundreds of tanks. you are wrong .. France, nor any other country, gave the rebels tanks. post a link to prove me wrong. the rebels who were lightly armed acquired additional heavy armor like tanks from the spoils of battle. and lastly, even if NATO gave the rebels an advantage, which is debatable, does it really matter ??? war is not meant to be fair. this war was about getting rid of the bad guy and giving the Libyan people freedom !!!

  • Marlyn - 2011-09-25 20:49

    hang the bastard!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  • Marlyn - 2011-09-25 20:49

    by is Dick!!!!!!!!!!

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