Gbagbo bans flights by UN, French forces

2011-03-10 08:54

Abidjan - Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo has banned overflights and landings by the UN and French forces in the country, his government announced on RTI state television.

The decision came hours before Gbagbo rival Alassane Ouattara, Ivory Coast's internationally recognised president, was expected to attend an African Union meeting in Ethiopia on the festering post-election crisis in the west African country.

"Aircraft of the United Nations mission in Ivory Coast and those of the (French forces) are banned from overflights and landing throughout the territory of the Republic of Ivory Coast," a statement read on television said.

"Any other exceptional overflight or landing must be previously authorised by the transport ministry," it added.

  • Ross - 2011-03-10 09:19

    They, the UN, does not want to get involved in Libya so why should they interfere in the Ivory Coast - double standards.

      Michael - 2011-03-10 10:18

      @Ross you are working in reverse. UN was already involved by few months in Ivory Coast vbefore the Libyian saga...

      Kaino - 2011-03-10 13:48

      @ Ross. UN has always been involved Ivory Coast, the problem is, the UN is not speaking Gbagbo's language hence the banning.

  • ikabot - 2011-03-10 09:57

    Why is Gbagbo called a "strongman"? I never hear US president Obama called a "strongman" in the press, yet he's fighting wars of aggression. Ouattara isn't called a "strongman" either, yet he's leading a rebellion in Cote d'Ivoire. Dispassionate unbiased media. Dispassionate unbiased media. My kingdom for dispassionate unbiased media.

      Kaino - 2011-03-10 13:50

      The writer was probably not thinking straight, or has a skewed meaning of "strongman"

  • Straight Forward - 2011-03-10 10:00

    Leave them, let them kill each other

      Michael - 2011-03-10 10:21

      ...until the bombs start dropping in your backyard and screaming "why the hell did they leave it till this late!" 'Sphokophoko!!!

  • tilovonbrandis - 2011-03-10 10:21

    @ikabot: Obama and Quarttara have been fairly elected to represent their people. Gbagbo is a thug holding onto power to enrich himself and to boost his ego by not accepting that the people do not want him. He is a strongman because he is using his ill-gained riches to finance an army to keep himself in power. Get it?

      ikabot - 2011-03-10 10:49

      Correction, Ouattara's performance in the election was heavily boosted by a landslide in the north, where there was proven election fraud. The election is disputed. Ouattara is the one who won't accept a recount because of the fraud in the north. Remember too, that Ouattara is backed by a rebel army and the UN "peacekeepers". He's not exactly sitting around singing kumbaya. As for Obama, nobody in Iraq or Afghanistan voted for him, yet he is occupying those countries. Furthermore, did you know that he's keeping a political prisoner (Bradley Manning) naked in solitary confinement? This prisoner hasn't been charged with a crime yet, but has been in this condition for months. Get it?

  • Straight Forward - 2011-03-10 10:33

    This is the deep dark hole called Africa, so fight on gentlemen, until there's nothing left, and then you will turn around and beg for help

      ikabot - 2011-03-10 11:05

      You can't be serious. Europe is orders of magnitude more bellicose than Africa and has been for millenia.

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