Gbagbo 'must go for Africa's sake'

2011-01-27 08:57

Davos - If Laurent Gbagbo were to stay in power in Ivory Coast despite losing a presidential election, it would be a setback for the whole of Africa, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said on Wednesday.

Annan, a Ghanaian who has mediated in many African conflicts, said the result of the December election appeared clear and almost everyone accepted the UN-certified outcome that former prime minister Alessane Ouattara had won.

"Except for Gbagbo and his group, everyone accepts the results as they came out," Annan said at the World Economic Forum in Davos. "If he were to prevail, it would be a real setback for Africa."

Gbagbo says he won after the constitutional council packed with his supporters annulled many ballots cast in northern areas where Ouattara has strong support.

The outcome of the month-old standoff in Abidjan would depend largely on whether the African Union and Ivory Coast's west African neighbours remained united and stood firm in demanding that Gbagbo must go, Annan said.

"I believe they will probably end up having discussions, but the basic position that he lost and must move on will be sustained by the African countries," he added.

Former UN official Louise Arbour, president of the International Crisis Group think-tank, said what happened in Ivory Coast would have an impact on up to 17 elections due to be held in Africa this year.

"To cave into the defiance of the loser of a legitimate election really would be a betrayal on behalf of the whole international community, particularly the United Nations," she said.

The rivals are grappling for control of Ivorian state funds as the world seeks to put financial pressure on Gbagbo to go.

  • Mboa - 2011-01-27 09:29

    Gbagbo won the election and the constitutional council confirmed that , wich is the is line with that contry constitution. Now the west wish to imposed Wouatara without taking into account the need of Ivorian , that is no Democratie. The President that is known and still the only respected and legal President in cote d’ivoire still Mr Gbabo

      GetitRight - 2011-01-27 09:43

      You are a retard. Africa is in a mess due to people like Gbagbo. Why don't you shut the fuck up. continent....must disown pricks like you. Democracy can never prevail when tampering with State Institutions.....moron!

      Tsundzuka - 2011-01-27 09:55

      Then what were those papers he tore on national Tv stating, I think u jus lookin for attention. and by the way its not jus the West declaring Outtarra the winner, theres SA, the AU, EU, and electoral comittee

  • yufanyi - 2011-01-27 10:01

    Hello GetitRight,why is the election contested by Mr Gbagbo,does he has the right to contest elections if the is any fraud of any nature?.Were the frauds in the North and South of the 28 November Elections?.If yes,there are procedures world wide to investigate that and that is what Gbagbo is requesting.Ouattara wants to ruin Ivory Coast economy to keep it within the hands of the colonial Master.Ouattara wants to kill Ivorians for his personal ambitions.This is not what Africa want.If you can't respect a constitution what assures Ivorians that you will not destroy it to become the next dictator and keep colonialism for the next 50yrs after celebration the pass 50yrs of so called independence.Some media within the world have helped to bring Ivorian to what the are today by promoting wrong information and letting people read what the Western world wish to implement.I pray you live long to cry Gbagbo 50yrs to come as we do cry Lumumba,sankara etc.How can the West say Obiang of a Dictator by UN reports and UNESCO is providing funds for scientific researcher to the same person.We are fed up.We need peace in Africa,the UN,UNESCO,ICJ was not created for Africans please.Our air of change has come.

      sir.abotoky - 2011-01-27 10:57

      Yufanyi,you think Gbagbo won, yet wanted a recount, yet wanted investigations and yet called his ally at the constitutional council to swear him in. Next, how can you emagine that after the votes of Allasane were annuled, he still had 49% againts Gbagbo`s Constituional council given 51% . do you still believe Gbagbo won . Note that the vote of the people is far more than the curruption of the constitutional council .period. people like you only need the likes of Paul Biya of cameroon, Mugabe of Zim etc etc in Arica so your children can continue to suffer as you are currently doing. its a shame!!

  • VoiceOReason - 2011-01-27 10:18

    @Mboa & @yufanyi Shut up because your too stupid to be commenting on anything. You would be the village idiots in a tribe of neanderthals.

  • D-Man - 2011-01-27 10:59

    But Bob stayed...

      sir.abotoky - 2011-01-27 11:11

      This has set a precedence - forward better than backward .

  • yufanyi - 2011-01-28 14:27

    I give you 2Oyrs from Now to know the truth and see who is right,its all over Africa now Gabon,Tunisia,Egypt,Ivory Coast.Cameroonians are already aware and have be going through a Democratic procedure which is not perfect but improved,not appreciated but better.So if u feel its by selling our constitution to make some president,then u guys are not serious.That is my point,both Ouattara and Gbagbo went to the elections with bad faith,but the international Community didn't have to behave the way the did and they are doing.The truth is close,war is good for Africa,lets feel it like the Europeans to develop treaties and better constitutions to gov't us.If that the solution GetitRight+sir.abotoky then fine.Kaddafi has been condemmed for how long today they are running to him for his market.Think Guys

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