Guinea-Bissau president didn't resist arrest

2012-04-13 20:01

Bissau - Guinea-Bissau's interim President Raimundo Pereira was arrested by troops during an apparent coup bid in the troubled west African state, one of his bodyguards said on Friday.

"He was arrested at his residence on Thursday evening by a group of soldiers... and taken to an unknown destination," the bodyguard said.

Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior was also arrested after his residence came under attack on Thursday night, his wife said earlier.

"The soldiers came, knocked at the door and identified themselves. President Pereira went out to open the gate and they said they had come for him. The president offered no resistance," the guard said.

Pereira, Guinea-Bissau's former parliament speaker, became interim president after the death of Malam Bacai Sanha in Paris in January after a long illness.

The country is currently in the midst of a bitterly-contested two-round presidential election, with the run-off due to take place on April 29. Gomes won the first round in March.

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