Guinea-Bissau schedules election runoff

2012-04-12 10:53

Bissau - An official has announced that Guinea-Bissau's presidential runoff will be held on 29 April.

Former Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior took nearly 49% of the first vote. Challenger Kumba Yala came second with about 23%. However, Yala claimed that the vote was flawed. He has threatened to not take part in the runoff.

Electoral Commission President Desejado Lima da Costa announced the runoff election date at a news conference in Bissau on Wednesday.

His troubled country is still trying to right itself after the assassination of its longtime leader in 2009. An emergency election was held to replace the slain leader, but new President Malam Bacai Sanha spent the better part of his term in-and-out of the emergency room. He died this year, prompting another emergency election.

Guinea-Bissau has also been destabilised by a booming drug trafficking trade.