Guinea's violence spills into S Leone

2010-11-17 14:45

Conakry - Ethnic tension in the wake of Guinea's disputed election has sparked clashes in neighbouring Sierra Leone.

Assistant Inspector General of Police Sorie Kargbo said 20 people were arrested in the town of Kenema for rioting. He said the dispute was between members of the Peul and Malinke ethnic groups, the two ethnicities at the heart of Guinea's divisive election.

Malinke candidate Alpha Conde was declared the victor of Guinea's tense ballot, prompting Peul supporters of his opponent to take to the streets.

Guinea borders Sierra Leone and Liberia, nations recovering from wars fueled by ethnic divisions. Observers fear that if the violence in Guinea gets out of hand, it could spill over and destabilise its fragile neighbours.

  • jaycee - 2010-11-18 07:28

    The countries in this part of the African continent have barely had any days of peace for years. How can one expect development of the people, the infrastructure etc. to take place. Ethnic violence in Africa, fuelled by leaders with little or no competence to manage their countries' affairs, stand at the core of the problem. These countries increasingly fall behind the possibilty to integrate with the modern world.

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