Hundreds killed in S Sudan cattle raids

2011-08-22 22:37

Juba - The United Nations says hundreds of people have been killed during recent tribal clashes and cattle raids in South Sudan.

The UN said on Monday that 600 people were "reportedly" killed in fighting between the Murle and Lou Nuer communities in Jonglei state. A statement said there were unconfirmed reports of more than 750 people being wounded.

The UN representative in South Sudan, Hilde Johnson, said the cycle of violence must stop.

South Sudan ended a two-decade civil war with Sudan in 2005. It officially became Africa's 54th nation last month.

But the new country continues to struggle with internal violence, including cattle raids, a form of cultural and economic violence between tribes that is devastating communities.

  • Ryan Tunney - 2011-08-23 06:18

    Why is the UN getting involved in African matters? While the world sees it as genocide or murder these people may see it differently. Leave it to them to sort out. The West and the UN must stop interfering in African matters. It's got nothing to do with them and is disrespectful to these people.

  • croix - 2011-08-23 06:40

    Africa = no hope (ever)!

  • CTS - 2011-08-23 07:10

    Maybe they must now re-devide into South-South Sudan, North-South Sudan, South-South-West Sudan, South-South-East Sudan...

  • Sisie - 2011-08-23 07:52

    North Sudan will never be happy with the division of the country, all that OIL and they will only be getting peanuts. It makes no difference that a referendum was signed, it was all a white wash, as they hoped that nothing would happen. And now well these skirmishes will keep on happening, and pipe lines will get cut (very good at cutting off the nose to spite the face)and they won't even get peanuts, they want the whole lot.

  • Gibbonater - 2011-08-23 09:35

    Thet will never stop doing what they do best and that is stuff everything up, kill evryone they can and then beg the west for help. Stonage mentality.

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