ICC may look into Mali rapes, killings

2012-04-24 12:35

Amsterdam - The International Criminal Court prosecutor's office warned Mali on Tuesday that it may look into possible crimes, following reports of killings, abductions, rapes and conscription of children.

"The office has been closely following the developments in Mali since clashes erupted around 17 January 2012," the prosecutor said in a statement.

"According to several sources, including senior United Nations officials, crimes such as killings, abductions, rapes and conscription of children may have been committed by various groups in the northern part of the country."

Mali has been divided in two since rebels declared an independent Tuareg homeland in the north, following a 22 March military coup in the southern capital Bamako that led to the insurgents capturing key northern towns.

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-04-24 13:20

    There is obvious going to be another outcry from those who say that the ICC only targets African nations. But in all honesty, There are not that many nations in the world, where there are cases of mass rape, child soldiers, leaders who threaten to kill anyone in their way, tanks firing rockets in apartment blocks, army snipers on roof tops !!!!!!! At present, as for a non African nation, only Syria comes to mind !!!

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