Ivory Coast 'volatile' says Jonathan

2011-01-27 10:27

Abuja - The situation in Ivory Coast is explosive and the world must unite to resolve the crisis, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said late on Wednesday at a meeting with foreign diplomats.

"The situation in Cote d'Ivoire is volatile and needs the co-operation of the international community, including the United Nations, African Union and Ecowas in maintaining a united position to resolve it," he said.

"Our priority remains the early resolution of this crisis within the context of Ecowas' principled stand against impunity and the use of state power to subvert the right of citizens to freely choose their leaders."

Jonathan, chairperson of the 15-nation regional bloc Economic Community of West African States, however added that "all options remain on the table".

Ecowas has yet to follow through on initial threats to oust Ivorian strongman Laurent Gbagbo by force, and a leaked report this week showed AU mediator and former South African president Thabo Mbeki pushed a negotiated settlement as the only workable solution to the crisis.

African support for a military intervention in Ivory Coast has appeared to be waning.

African Union and Ecowas missions to Abidjan have failed so far to resolve the bloody crisis.

  • sir.abotoky - 2011-01-27 11:24

    waning - waning support for ligitomate military force . If Gbagbo stays in office , then Africa must immediately forget about democracy and elections. They can adopt nationalism and anachy - kingdomship like Gadafi. Its a shame to the international community and africa in particular.

      ramutlat - 2011-01-27 15:55

      Stupid idiot, Gadafi is now one of the best leaders on earth of which both American's and British are negotiating to invest there. Blind idiot open your eyes and never fall with common tricks from the westerners. In Africa, is only president Gbagbo that has given liberty to youth in Cote d’Ivoire to express their worries and feelings. Isn’t the same Alassane Ouattara who imposed (Cart de C'est Jour) on other African individuals to be paid every single day they living there in Cote d’Ivoire? And tell me who removed that stupid law as forceful ban on foreigners living there, isn’t the same President L. Gbagbo? Now tell me who is the best among the two? Tell A. Ouattara to come out from that hotel to make noise.

  • Stan - 2011-01-27 11:57

    Beware of Thabo Mbeki, you Ivorians. He will wreck havoc, the same way he did elsewhere. losing candidates should be told to leave governments and not to be negotiated with. I salute the Tuinisians for doing a quick fix to their problems.

  • yufanyi - 2011-01-27 16:58

    all Africans are confused.Everyone has his position about Ivory Coast but he who doesn't support Gbagbo probably get info from those media who promote Ouattara non-democratic propaganda.Elections were recounted in the USA in 2000,which didn't not go through but the supreme court considered Bush W. to be the winner.How does it sound?.Today Ivorian Constitutional Council is not credible to the world,recounting elections is no solutions,fraud were registered but negligible is this the democratic process that the want to impose or dispose of?.Tunisia to is a reference if they were going in for elections Ali would have won and France would have congratulated.Since it is revolution he is now going to face the ICJ which is created for African presidents and politicians.International Community my Ass.

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