Jerry Rawlings: ICC abducted Gbagbo

2011-12-06 11:33

Accra - A former Ghanaian president on Monday slammed Ivory Coast ex-leader Laurent Gbagbo's transfer to the International Criminal Court as abduction and his treatment as humiliating.

Jerry Rawlings said in a statement he had learned "with dismay" of Gbagbo's transfer to the ICC "following a speedy indictment, in total violation of relevant international code of procedures".

The transfer "could be rightfully described as abduction", he said in an emailed statement authenticated by a spokesperson, Kofi Adams.

"No one is trying to evade justice," Rawlings said.

"But when such justice is drenched in a sea of humiliation and abuses, so as to be governed by self-righteous hatred with its untenable logic, it only befits human conscience to stand up against it for the good of all."

Gbagbo made his first appearance before the tribunal on Monday, becoming the first former head of state to be brought before The Hague-based court.

He faces four counts of crimes against humanity, including murder, rape and inhuman acts, over post-election violence the UN said cost about 3 000 lives.

The 66-year-old was arrested in April by followers of long-time rival and current Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara after months of violence triggered by Gbabgo's refusal to accept defeat in a November 2010 vote.

  • Agbodzi - 2011-12-06 12:31

    the icc is one of the tools being use by imperialist in the continues exploitation of African countries. with the aid of power Hungary individuals on the continent amid headache is when will the under previllage would be recognized. Today basic needs like food,clothing, shelter etc people cannot afford.body organs of africans are being removed to survive kidney failing patients in the west.things like this are overlooked. the oh!when the end of this world. from conscience

      Julian - 2011-12-06 14:14

      Are you serious, or are you just a Poe? Your rant is misspelled, grammatically incorrect and factually dubious

      Irene - 2011-12-06 15:51

      You need to go back to school and worry about your education before worrying about the 'imperialists'.

      Adrian - 2011-12-06 16:29

      Oh how i wish the "Imperialists" and Aid organisations would stop giving to Africa, it would solve alot of problems for both Africa and the West.

      Wilbert - 2011-12-07 03:34

      What are you talking about? Do you accept that Gbagbo lost the elections and refused to step down? If so, do you accept that by refusing to step down he caused the upheaval that followed? If so then it is right that Gbagbo should account for it. Africa has already seen a number of leaders lose elections and refuse to hand over power. We must stamp this out. The ICC is helping us do just that and so what are you complaining about?

      Gerald - 2011-12-07 10:53

      Julian...though he mispells and is English grammatically incorrect and factually dubious you cannot doubt or disagree that there is some truth in what he says...I mean how many wetrn countries as signatories of the many atrocities against humanity were at the hands of western leaders and yet we see no moves to bring them to justice...bush and Blair are perfect examples with the now proven illegal Iraqi invasion? Justice must be consistent and impartial. Irene, glad you are the English professor, how jolly good for you. Why is it that when one's English isn't fluent enough then people assume that their point is less weighty? It always amuses me how the French, German and Portuguese are so bad at English yet that does not affect people's perception of their intellect. This though I admit ia a general point... Adrian, fair point but maybe the west should also take nothing from Africa, and maybe they should have in the past taken even less...from human and mineral resources. is contetious that Gbabo lost the election (that is not to say that he did or did not). I always wonder why didn't they do that stupid recount...also Outtarra's camp was also guilty of atrocities in that civil strife. Fair enough by refusing to step down Gbagbo led to the upheaval. But that is also like saying Bush is responsible for the loss of American and Iraqi lives by invading Iraq on the pretext of WMD's.

      pieter.haasbroek - 2011-12-08 10:17

      @Gerald - the French,Germans and Portuguese are all good at something. That something may not be English. What is Africa good at other than blaming others for all their woes and begging for and demanding handouts? I wish I could discern from Agbodzi's scrawlings whether he is referring to the imperialist hyper-corruption or the African hyper-corruption. I'd suggest a new approach to African education; the first thing any African baby should be taught is that whilst you are pointing a finger at others there are three fingers pointing back at yourself. In any society you have successful entrepeneurs and people who take the responsibility to ensure they are sufficiently competent to obtain and hold rewarding jobs, monetary and otherwise. Lots of people do something to help themselves. Maybe more African people should be doing that.

  • Paris - 2011-12-06 17:48

    It`s a kangaroo court with kangoroo lawyers working to get theirs bonds paid off in a broke west.

  • Wilbert - 2011-12-07 03:18

    The trouble with some African leaders is that they really think once someone becomes Head of State they deserve special treatment even if they commit very serious crimes against the nation. By refusing to step down after losing the Election Gbagbo cause the political chaos that costed many lives. The nation could have easily slip into a bloody civil war, for Christ sake. All J Rawlings is concerned about is Gbagbo's comforts. Why did he not tell Gbagbo to step down and thus saved something more important than the misplace ego of a tyrant - human lives!

      Cnpi - 2011-12-07 07:48

      Wilbert, did you follow the electoral process in Ivory Coast? I don’t think so. You are one of those who need to clean their mind. Those toxics and straight dogs western media have poisoned your mind. Why they did not accept the recount of the vote? For Ivoirians and freedom lovers around the world this battle will be won and justice will be served. You are just a shame to yourself and people you are defending. You are You are just a ridiculous individual. Gbagbo did not lose the election. You need to do your own investigation before acting as clown. Writing good or bad English doesn't matter. All matter here is the substance of what the individual is talking about. Again your arrogant and idiot behavior is another reason to take some time off and go clean your mind.

      Wilbert - 2011-12-07 15:58

      @Cnpi I will not pretend that I am an expect on Ivory Coast matters and will willingly enlightenment from those who are. Would I be right to say Gbagbo wanted the votes "recounted" as you say because he had lost the initial count? If for whatever reason his request for recount was rejected, why did he not take the matter to the court instead of taking the law in his own hands? Does Gbagbo even care about the suffering and needless lives lost as result of his decision to take the law into his own hands? Do you Cnpi care about the lives lost?

  • pieter.haasbroek - 2011-12-08 09:34

    Given Jerry Rawlings' own history as a so-called president I'd be surprised if anyone, anywhere gives a hoot about his opinion. He worries about Gbagbo's humiliation but says nothing about the atrocities Gbagbo presided over. Go crawl in a hole somehwere, Mr. Jerry "C"Rawlings and shut up. Leave the intelligent world to its own devices.

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