Jonathan: Boko Haram West Africa's al-Qaeda

2014-05-17 20:05

Paris - Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram, which has kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls, is no longer a local threat but has become West Africa's al-Qaeda, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said on Saturday.

"Boko Haram is no longer a local terrorist group, it is operating clearly as an Al-Qaeda operation, it is an al-Qaeda of West Africa," Jonathan told a news conference in Paris following a meeting of West African leaders on the issue.

"We have shown our commitment for a regional approach. Without West African countries coming together we will not be able to crush these terrorists," Jonathan said.

  • Kholo Warren Jesus - 2014-05-17 21:48

    when i say angie, you say goodluck angie, goodluck totally deserve each other this president took atleast two weeks to respond to this crisis and old angie is on some weird halusinatins as the face of ANC womens league.

  • Dan Mahla - 2014-05-17 22:18

    The very west is the clients to such human trafficking groups. These girls might even be sold to France, Turkey or Albenia.

  • mistera.ree.3 - 2014-05-17 22:44

    Play to the cameras Jonny boy, the money is coming... What about the school boys killed weeks before and the bombing of woman and children the week before that...

  • Michael James David - 2014-05-17 22:51

    Sniper the looser

  • Edith Ngwenya - 2014-05-18 09:01

    Foreign intervation is needed to stop this group of thugs

  • Charity Manyande - 2014-05-18 10:19

    In the mean time what happens to our girls Mr president?all u do is talk talk talk,no action!

  • Sean Lock - 2014-05-18 10:35

    Looks like Africa is becoming the terrorist capital of the world !! Ivory on their door steps to fund the cause and ignorant leaders that gets bought over. They soon will be in SA as money buys anything to our corrupt leaders. God bless us all.

  • Babakaneo Nkuna - 2014-05-18 13:18

    Eish im fearing for my kids...if doz evil thngs can come here i know juju wl join them.

      Khaya Joni - 2014-07-06 09:46

      U realy dnt knw wat u r talkng about EFF hs nathing 2do with therorist

  • Joel Mabeke - 2014-05-18 16:01

    You guys are late, the nigerian safety and security minister said this morning on CNN south africa must watch out soon it will be them.The mister surely knows about the deals that our government had with niger delta rebels and the nigerian government,as we speak south africa is habouring boko haram militants.if you wanna see this go to bree street taxi rank and pretoria cbd.

  • joyce.kaye.5 - 2014-05-18 16:34

    How embarrassing to your country. You should've set boundaries from the start - out of control now & now it's a westafrican operation.

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