Kenya corruption could bring revolution

2011-03-22 22:50

Nairobi - The head of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission says that corruption in Kenya if left unchecked could lead to the types of anti-government revolutions seen across north Africa and the Middle East.

Patrick Lumumba says that if corruption keeps growing then unemployment will persist and Kenyan youths will vent their anger by sowing chaos.

Lumumba says that millions of dollars in taxes meant for roads, health care, free primary school education, and clean water projects are stolen from Kenya's public coffers every year.

Transparency International scores Kenya poorly in its corruption rankings. Kenya was listed as more corrupt last year than Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt, all of which have seen recent anti-government protests.

  • Mark Edwards - 2011-03-23 09:11

    Corruption: The oil that greases African governance.

  • WD - 2011-03-23 11:40

    WHAT! Really?! Is that possible?! Not in AFRICA?! WTF! It sounds like our own African National Corruption - or da gavermunt?!

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