Kenya military battles Somali fighters

2012-01-04 22:01

Nairobi - Kenya's military says its forces killed three militant fighters from al-Shabaab in a battle in Somalia.

Military spokesperson Emmanuel Chirchir said on Wednesday that one Kenyan soldier was also killed in the battle.

Chirchir said that Kenyan and Somali troops are advancing north. Kenyan troops entered Somalia in mid-October to attack al-Shabaab militants and have been supported by Somalia's weak army.

Since then Ethiopian troops have entered Somalia on the country's west, who along with African Union troops in Mogadishu are squeezing al-Shabaab fighters on three sides.

  • emile.eley - 2012-01-05 07:26

    Who says you can't squeeze blood out of a stone?

      Garth - 2012-01-05 08:46

      I am confused as to where your analogy originates from.

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