Kenya 'will destroy weapons in Somalia'

2011-11-02 13:01

Nairobi - A military spokesperson says fighter aircraft will destroy weapons Kenya says were flown into Somalia on two planes and delivered to Islamist militants.

Kenya's military on Tuesday said it had reliable information that two aircraft landed in the Somali town of Baidoa with weapons on board intended for al-Shabaab militants.

Maj Emmanuel Chirchir said on Wednesday that Kenyan military planes would target and attack those weapons so they cannot be used.

Chirchir has warned that the Kenyan military will attack 10 Somali towns where it believes al-Shabaab has a presence and advised civilians to stay away from al-Shabaab camps.

Kenyan forces moved into Somalia in mid-October to attack insurgents.

  • Vernon - 2011-11-02 15:14

    Well done Kenya,its good to see a goverment in africa that has some balls ,and is willing to put a stop to the Somali outlaws,lets hope they also start to shoot the pirates that the world seems to be scared of.

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