Korean Air: Sorry for 'primitive' Kenyans

2012-06-18 21:57

Nairobi - A notice on Korean Air's website announcing the start of three, weekly non-stop flights from Korea to Kenya is causing anger among Kenyans on social media sites because of the description of Kenyans as indigenous people full of "primitive energy".

Muthui Kariuki, who is handling public relations for Korean Air in Kenya, said on Monday that the notice has been removed from the website and that the word "primitive" came as a result of a mistake in translation from Korean to English.

Kariuki says the airline, which is supposed to launch the flights this Thursday, will post an apology. Kenyans on Twitter and Facebook were angry about the use of the word.

  • JohncarlosBiza - 2012-06-18 22:03

    PR fail

  • Boer - 2012-06-19 00:10

    Have you ever been to Kenya cause they are primitive.

      omonaija - 2012-06-19 14:09

      When Africans call you a racist ,you will bxtch and moan about it.Good luck in your sorry life!

      sinclair.shawn.5 - 2012-06-19 21:19

      Kenyans aren't primitive. You are just a hater.

  • Koos - 2012-06-19 03:43

    What is worst: Primitive or corrupt?

      Ed - 2012-06-19 09:24

      what is WORSE... bad grammar or stupidity? - 2012-06-19 10:23

      Ed you must be so proud now.

  • michael.i.wright - 2012-06-19 05:43

    I don't recall them being very energetic last I was there?

  • Michael - 2012-06-19 12:37

    More slander at the obvious...

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