Libya Toubou tribe in separatist threat

2012-03-27 20:04

Tripoli - The head of the Toubou tribe in Libya on Tuesday denounced to AFP what he said was a plan to "ethnically cleanse" his people, and raised the threat of a separatist bid, a day after deadly clashes.

"We announce the reactivation of the Toubou Front for the Salvation of Libya [TFSL, an opposition group active under the former regime] to protect the Toubou people from ethnic cleansing," Issa Abdel Majid Mansur told AFP.

"If necessary, we will demand international intervention and work towards the creation of a state, as in South Sudan," he said a day after more than 10 people were reported killed in clashes in the southern oasis town of Sabha.

  • Fred - 2012-03-27 22:33

    Allow the new dispensation to take form before trying to jump ship. You may be creating something far less than if you stayed together.

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