Libya bans religious political parties

2012-04-25 15:09

Tripoli - Libya, which is braced for its first election since Moamer Gaddafi's overthrow, is to ban political parties based on religion, tribalism or regionalism, officials said on Wednesday.

The new rules were endorsed late on Tuesday by Libya's ruling National Transitional Council (NTC), said council member Fathi al-Baja.

"This law does not target moderate Islamists. It is aimed at militant Islamists, who do not recognise others," he said.

Under Gaddafi, who ruled Libya for 42 years, there were no political parties or elections. He was captured and killed by rebels in his hometown of Sirte in October.

"Applications for registering the new parties and relevant appeals should be submitted within one month, starting from now," said al-Baja.

Libyans will in June be asked to elect a national assembly, which will be tasked with drafting a constitution for the North Africa country.

Several Libyan groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, have already announced setting up political parties.

Islamists in Egypt and Tunisia, where popular revolts toppled long-standing autocrats, have made unprecedented gains in recent elections.

  • zaatheist - 2012-04-25 15:37

    Well the idea is good but I am afraid probably impossible to implement. How do you determine whether a person is a mild, normal, non-militant, militant or raving ratbag Muslim?

      Ant - 2012-04-25 16:00

      bwa ha ha ha, "raving ratbag Muslim". Thats funny!

      Anwar - 2012-04-25 16:08

      Good question, The mainstream media and western regimes always seem to hit the nail on the head when they identify their muslim targets and label them as terrorists, wont the same set of rules apply here in identifying possible threats.. Should they not adopt the same methods , surely this would make it easy for them to pick out the "rotten" ones as they have done so many times in the past.. or was all that intel just fabrications?

      Fred - 2012-04-25 19:10

      Anwar, I agree with your second paragraph. Unfortunately you are almost completely blind to the violent extremists in your midsts, who are blowing up Muslim families by the hundreds of thousands. You NEVER say anything about this, but have plenty to say about the US which is actually doing something about this.

      zaatheist - 2012-04-25 19:34

      @Anwar The article is about religious political parties. I have merely highlighted the impossibility of determining the degree of religiosity that would disqualify them or not. Tjshew! You guys are thin skinned.

  • Matthew - 2012-04-25 16:18

    Now that is a great idea for ANY country. (yes, I'm talking about you, Republicans)

  • lenny001 - 2012-04-25 18:39

    That is the good move, at last the world can finally copy something from Africa, we should also do the same in SA.

      zaatheist - 2012-04-25 19:34

      I their god was real the ACDP would be running the country.

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