Libya to postpone June election

2012-06-09 19:00

Tripoli - Elections in Libya for a constituent assembly, originally set to be held by 19 June, are to be postponed for logistical reasons, electoral commission members said on Saturday.

One commission member, on condition of anonymity, said the postponement until July or later had been decided mainly to allow time for appeals from candidates who had been ruled out of the contest.

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-06-09 19:54

    For over 40 years, there have been no elections in Libya, they have to start from scratch. We got the expertise to hold elections, SA should offer to help the Libyans with this incredible difficult task. And maybe it could help to heal the wounds of SA arrogance, during their struggle to get rid of that evil gaddafi family.

      Rude - 2012-06-10 06:47

      anthny. I follow most of what you saying, but lost you @ the arrogance healing bit. If SA were to help Libiya because of our experienc...then i imagine that selected individuals would go over and act in an advisory capacity. How is that going to help the majority SAcans in healing of ''arrogance''. The SA africans whom i gather is who you meant, will have no input or any form of healing therapy as a result. The healing comes from within and must include ALL SAcans across the board, dont you think?

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-06-10 07:51

      Rude, Sorry, it is me , who made my comment confusing. Firstly, SA has got a very professional Election Commision. They have not only been succesful in SA, but have assisted in the elections in a number of other countries. As gaddafi destroyed just about everything to do with a democratic process,and no elections were held in Libya for over 40 years, now, in 2012, the Libyans had to start from scratch,to be able to hols elections, which is an unbelievable massive task. My suggestioin is, why don't we offer to assist them, and send the ones with 'know how' and experience to hold elections, to Libya. The second part of my comment is, The Libyans are very angry and dissapointed with SA, and most of Africa, as we let them down so badly, in a time of need. While we should have been supporting the peoples, we were supporting the tyrants. What I meant to say was, that if we would help them to get a government of their choice, we would show a lot of goodwill to the Libyans, and hopefully take away a lot of anger, they at present got towards us.

      Rude - 2012-06-10 19:23

      much clearer now, thanx!

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