Libya's interim PM resigns, urges unity

2011-10-22 21:00

Misrata - Libya's interim prime minister said he was resigning on Saturday and urged new leaders to seize a "very limited opportunity" and resolve rivalries now surfacing after Muammar Gaddafi's death.

With regional differences emerging about what to do with Gaddafi's still unburied body, the formal end to the war and the carve-up of power, Libya's outgoing premier said the coming days posed a crucial test of resolve for the new men in power.

Mahmoud Jibril confirmed he would step down on Saturday after seven months as prime minister of the Western-backed rebel government.

But in a parting shot at an international business forum in Jordan, he warned Libyans to avoid in-fighting if Libyans were to keep to a plan to hold their first free election next year.

Leaders required "resolve", he said, "in the next few days".

  • marco.tomaso - 2011-10-22 21:21

    That is the correct decision by him.These NTC Leaders like Mustafa Abdel Jali should all resign now from power as they are all former Gaddafi defectors that came into the NTC during the rebellion.For Libya to make a completely new start and wash the slate clean as it were,all former Gaddafi Regime elements should go and relinquish power.

  • Lordwick - 2011-10-23 17:37

    I smell danger now,Lybyia would never be stable again.With France already have a deal in oil and monster Britain is also looking forward to that!!!Check allthe countries with oil,America and Britain destabilised them'all.

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