Major assault ongoing to end Kenya mall siege

2013-09-22 19:33

Nairobi - Kenyan troops have launched an assault on cornered Somali militants holding hostages inside a Nairobi shopping mall to end a deadly siege, the government crisis team said on Sunday.

"Godspeed to our guys in the Westgate building," Kenya's National Disaster Operation Centre said in a message on its Twitter site. "Major engagement ongoing."

The number of people killed in the ongoing siege, which began on Saturday, is feared to rise sharply from the 59 people confirmed dead, police sources said after entering the building.

"We fear the death toll... it could be much, much higher than what we have, judging from the bodies sighted inside," a police officer said, after reports from inside of multiple corpses.

"There are more people dead inside, and some of the attackers are still armed and throwing grenades and shooting at the officers," the officer added.

The disaster centre reported "sporadic gunfire", while an AFP reporter outside the mall said a loud explosion had been heard as troops moved inside the sprawling complex.

Military and police helicopters were also reported flying overhead the mall.

  • Jones Machaka - 2013-09-22 20:17

    Political Islamists.

  • Tjak - 2013-09-22 20:19

    How could one ever consider obeying a god who asks you to kill his created being? Perhaps if one thinks more rationally, one would rather obey a God that is gracious and calls for love! Tjak

  • maarten.slabbert.7 - 2013-09-22 20:20

    I personally cannot think of any lot more deserving of a little donation.... 5 or 6 Umbani PGM's should sort out this nonsense.

  • lulama - 2013-09-22 20:20

    Good luck to the soldiers. Smoke them out

  • Littlejohn Galloway - 2013-09-22 20:36

    Where the anti american phobes?

  • Cya Ppihn - 2013-09-22 20:40

    This the work of devil really those ppl r possessed

  • Cya Ppihn - 2013-09-22 20:41

    This the work of devil really those ppl r possessed.

  • Al Maystro - 2013-09-22 21:03

    Kenya drones killed civilians in town near kismayo ,,they didn't even apologized, this guys in the mall they r just delivering message to the world cos this is the only way that they can be heard, stop kiliing civilians in Somalia

      Themba Monare - 2013-09-22 22:02

      Al maystro didn't forget to mention that al-Shabab suicide bombers bomb Somalis daily in Somalia? Or is this selective memory?

  • Garth Meister - 2013-09-22 21:56

    I'm always amazed at how fast Muslims are to post comments in defence of their faith.. but yet are very slow to condemn these kinds of actions.. I wonder why that is?

      Al Maystro - 2013-09-22 22:01

      i wonder why no one is condemning Kenya invasion

      Garth Meister - 2013-09-23 06:29

      so you support these actions?

  • jungleboy - 2013-09-22 22:47

    Really, once again, this paints a dark picture of religious fanatics. It time for everyone to speak out against these atrocities.

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