Malawi to review homosexuality ban

2011-12-08 21:05

Blantyre - Malawi's government announced on Thursday that it will review a series of controversial laws, including a ban on homosexuality that has drawn widespread Western criticism.

"In view of the sentiments from the general public and in response to public opinion regarding certain laws, the government wishes to announce to the Malawi nation that it is submitting the relevant laws and provisions of laws to the Law Commission for review," said Justice Minister Ephraim Chiume.

The laws would be sent to the Law Commission, set up in 1995 by the government after the country's first democratic vote, he added in a statement.

The penal code of Malawi classifies homosexuality under "indecent practices and unnatural acts".

Donors and western governments had heavily criticised President Bingu wa Mutharika's government for the law, arguing that it tramples on the rights of the minorities.

There was outrage last year after a gay couple were handed a 14-year prison sentence for sodomy. They were arrested after holding a wedding ceremony in Malawi's commercial hub Blantyre.

They were later pardoned by Mutharika.

  • phinda.buthelezi - 2011-12-09 12:40


  • Shane - 2011-12-09 15:29

    What about the rights of the majority. Was it not the western countries that introduced majority rule on most of the African Countries over the last 40 or so years,and is it not these very same unethical and immoral people that cannot control their own desires that are now telling you otherwise. Don't be preasurised by thieir threats, just because they are financially strong and hold you to ransom, we in Africa have strength in our hearts so lets do the right thing. let Africa hold the moral high ground. no matter what we will survive with dignity and pride,and let the western countries keep on using thier wealth and waste orifices as an excuse for their lack of control, soon their military will be able to use dogs if the bill is passed so i am led to believe. Well done Zimbabwe and Nigeria. It is about time the Christians and decent people in the world stood up and were counted. Remember if your neighbour does something wrong and you do nothing, that wrong becomes yours too.

      Emily - 2011-12-13 14:46

      The world is full of hypocrites.....

      lammy.haoseb - 2011-12-14 16:18

      It's quite funny how Africans call themselves Christians. Be realistic Shane, there's no way Malawi will can fund itself for the AIDS programs. How many more people are you willing to sacrifice for a few people who's sexuality has nothing to do with anyone else. Everone should be afforded their desires, how they intend to achieve it should not be your problem. If as you claim we Africans have hearts, then let's use that to love and respect each other and not judge another for his/her actions, remember, everybody is answerable to God for his/her sins, you won't be doing lawyer duties for anyone on judgement day. Live and let Live!

  • lammy.haoseb - 2011-12-14 16:21

    I applsud the Malawan government for reviewing these laws. Oppressing the majority won't bring good fortune to a country nor will it bring you closer to God or give you a better chance to heaven.

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