Mauritius honeymoon murder - 2 innocent

2012-07-12 18:12

Port Louis - Two men accused of murdering an Irish woman while she was on honeymoon on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius were found not guilty, the trial judge said on Thursday.

Michaela Harte, the 27-year-old daughter of Gaelic football manager Mickey Harte, was found strangled during her honeymoon at the Legends Hotel in the village of Grande Gaube in January 2011.

The accused, Avinash Treebohun and Sandip Moonea, worked at the hotel.

Justice Prithviraj Fecknah who presided over the high profile case which lasted eight weeks said jurors had returned a not guilty verdict.

"The truth triumphed," one of the accused, Treebohun, said.

Harte's husband, John McAreavey, who appeared as a witness in the case, travelled to Mauritius with his father Brendan, sister Claire and brother-in-law Mark Harte for the trial.

Gaelic football is Ireland's national sport and one of its most popular spectator activities. Its players enjoy the kind of celebrity status accorded to soccer stars in other European countries.

  • delish7564 - 2012-07-12 19:01

    Hmm, well if they really are, then fair enough but the poor husband must be devestated!!!

  • david.delaney.50951 - 2012-07-12 20:36

    I agree, heartbreaking for the Harte family. An inquiry must happen.\r\nIn relation to your comment Re: gaelic football, your sources fail you. Let me state, that gaelic footballers do NOT enjoy any sense of celbrity status in Ireland. Yes, they are revered, and held in high esteem, yet they so not enjoy any monetary benefit, wage excessive lifestyles, or succumb to the wasteful spending of their english soccer playing counterparts! They are all amateur sportsman, who train as hard as professionals, yet 100% of these athletes hold down regular jobs amongst the masses. \r\nThey are ambassadors to the country, and do not receive more than health insurance, equipment and petrol expenses for their heroic efforts. The deceased's father, Mickey Harte is a great, and a gentleman of the game, and my heart goes out to his family. RIP Michaela

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