Mend warns of attacks on oil sector

2011-01-18 15:24

Lagos - A Nigerian militant group warned on Tuesday of attacks on fuel depots and vehicles transporting petroleum products, saying it would launch the strikes in response to the arrest of its members.

"Advance warning for immediate evacuation is hereby issued to residents in close proximity to depots storing petroleum products such as aviation fuel, diesel, kerosene, petrol, propane gas and engine oil," the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) said in an emailed statement.

The warning of a "ferocious attack on the downstream oil sector" was sent to news organisations from an address used in the past by Mend and was signed Jomo Gbomo, a pseudonym the group usually uses in such messages.

Mend claimed responsibility for car bombings in the capital Abuja on October  01, but the group is divided, with many of its known commanders having accepted a 2009 government amnesty brokered by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Not all threats issued from its email address have been carried out in the past.

  • 54321.anon - 2011-01-18 15:37

    .. look at what is happening to Zimbabwe(Economic meltdown), Ivory Coast(Civil war), DRC(war and mass rape) Sudan(civil war), Somalia(piracy as a livelihood) .. all different symptoms of the same incurable disease. Africa is too stupid to survive the 21st century. It will continue to reap the seeds of violence, corruption, and greed it sows.

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