Mob stabs Ethiopian cop to death

2010-05-09 16:32

Addis Ababa - Ethiopian opposition supporters stabbed a policeman to death, police reported on Sunday, days after two people were killed in a bomb attack two weeks ahead of the May 23 elections.

The police officer was stabbed repeatedly by members of the Forum for Democracy and Dialogue (Medrek) party in the southern Oromya region on Saturday, the police said.

"Supporters of Medrek stabbed to death policeman Hassan Regasa last night in the Oromya region," according to a statement.

Officials from Medrek were not immediately available for comment.

On Thursday, in Adaba in the same southern region, attackers threw a bomb at a meeting of a party from the ruling coalition, killing two people.

Tensions have risen in recent weeks as the ruling EPRDF party and the opposition bloc accuse each other of attacking supporters.

Last week, EPRDF officials said one of their candidates was stabbed to death by Medrek supporters as he left a party meeting.

Oromya is Ethiopia's largest province and has the largest number of constituencies.

Around 30 million people have registered to vote for Ethiopia's fourth elections since the Communist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam was toppled in 1991.