Moz flooding - thousands homeless

2015-01-13 22:23

Maputo - Flooding sparked by heavy rains has killed at least three people and left thousands of others homeless in Mozambique, the government said on Tuesday.

A total of 100 000 people were estimated to have been affected in the north and centre of the southern African country since the weekend.

Three people died after being trapped by flood water in Gurue and Cuamba in the north on Monday.

In the town of Mocuba in central Zambezia province, where the river Licungo overflowed its banks, 15 000 people lost their homes.

Eighteen children remained missing.

The authorities decreed maximum alert in the north and centre of the country, warning that the rains would continue. Some Mocuba residents nevertheless refused to leave their homes, local official Elisa Somane said.

The flooding of the Licungo was described as the worst since 1971.