Mozambique: Call for anti-govt protest

2012-03-07 07:54

Maputo - Mozambican state media report about 300 armed men have gathered in a northern town, saying they are awaiting orders from the country's main opposition leader to launch anti-government protests.

Renamo party leader Afonso Dhlakama has been threatening to peacefully oust the Frelimo party since losing 2009 elections, but no demonstrations have been held.

The 300 armed men gathered outside Renamo headquarters in the northern town of Nampula, in a region that is the rebel movement turned party's stronghold. They say they will not leave until demonstrations start.

Nampula residents have told state TV they fear the men. But Renamo's spokesperson, Fernando Mazanga, said at a news conference in Maputo on Tuesday that the men were peaceful and had a right to gather to organise demonstrations.

  • Craig - 2012-03-07 09:30

    Dhlakama is a spent force who hasn't done anything for the people of Mozambique, its time he stepped aside and allowed somebody new who has the people interest at heart.

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