Mozambique guard beats two to death

2011-09-27 20:04

Maputo - Two inmates were beaten to death by a guard at a Mozambican prison in the central province of Zambezia, an official said on Tuesday.

"The incident was registered on the afternoon of September 24," justice department spokesperson Rafael Bie said.

According to Bie, the prison guard from the Quinta do Girassol Prison Center was being "observed by a medical team to determine his state of sanity".

It is not clear what might have led to the incident.

Abuse of prisoners is common in Mozambique's overcrowded prison, where many inmates suffer from food shortages and Aids-related illnesses.

"In general, ill-treatment of prisoners is declining... of course cases like these still appear but they are isolated," said Bie.

According to the department of Justice, Mozambique prison population is around 15 000, with 35% of them minors aged between 16 and 21 years old.

  • - 2011-09-27 20:32

    Better keep my trap shut.

  • diplomat - 2011-09-27 21:59

    The jails are overcrowded there...and abuse happen daily, but then human rights and law do not count in many countries in Africa. I guess the same in Namibia, Zim and Zambia.

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