Mozambique riot police boost in Maputo

2011-02-22 20:14

Maputo - Mozambican police strengthened their presence in the major public spaces of the capital, Maputo, in case of similar protests to those which have erupted across northern Africa.

Riot police and police patrol cars could be seen at various strategic sites across the city.

However, police spokesperson, Pedro Cossa, said there was "no evidence of the occurrence of riots" like those uprising and demonstrations across north Africa and the Arab world.

Maputo was plagued by a string of riots between 2008 and 2010, largely protesting against the spiralling rise in food staple prices.

Last year around a dozen protesters were killed and 100 injured by Maputo police in a food price riot.

A demonstration in 2008 also ended in fatalities after police used live rounds.

  • ZR4LP - 2011-04-10 08:52

    U can listen in on the Police .they use HF radios on 7076Khz LSB , right inside our radio amateur band. Lots of interesting stories. LOTS of corruption as they think its private. Honestly real stupid to tell on air what u doing. But hey ANYTHING said on HF is 100% legal to listen into. ZS6AF Johan

      johan visagie - 2011-05-21 09:13

      They still operating there 7076 LSB and sometimes USB . Also illegal operators on ,7010 ,7020,7030, 7035 USB , 7040 USB,7076 . , just to name the ones i heard this week. 7.000 to 7.2000 Mhz is ONLY for radio amateur use, pity the Mozambique authorities don't care much about rules and regulations. Hi Ivor Johan ZS6AF

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