Mubarak may be 'in bad health'

2011-02-14 15:29

Cairo - Egypt's ambassador to the United States says Hosni Mubarak may be in "bad health," the first word on the 82-year-old ousted president's health.

Speaking on Monday on NBC's "Today" programme, Sameh Shoukry said he had received information that Mubarak was "possibly in somewhat of bad health". He said he could not be more specific.

Two Cairo newspapers on Monday said Mubarak, forced to step down on Friday after an 18-day democracy uprising, was refusing to take medication, depressed and repeatedly passing out at his residence in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. There was no immediate confirmation of the reports.

Mubarak had surgery in Germany last year to remove his gallbladder.

  • Shamwari - 2011-02-14 15:50

    Gees this dude is old, just 5 years younger than Bob. i think its a generation thing to stay in power..

  • anonojack - 2011-02-14 16:09

    Mubarak resigned on 11 Feb 2011 i.e. 11-II-11. The number 11 is associated with many world events (9/11, end of WWII etc.) so one could argue that Mubarak's resignation was not caused by the citizens of Egypt, but was orchestrated by evil, faceless individuals intent on fulfilling a sinister master plan...

      Shamwari - 2011-02-14 16:14


      lukas2 - 2011-02-14 16:38


  • colin langley - 2011-02-14 16:17

    ag shame

  • Seperetla - 2011-02-14 16:18

    Why is he in a resort? Spending and enjoying money looted from Egyptian coffers over 3 decades?

  • Carlin - 2011-02-14 17:08

    So? Who cares? They wanted him out so I expect they are quite unconcerned about his health. Perhaps he can retire in Zim. Birds of a feather.

  • Allin - 2011-02-14 18:29

    He is one sick puppy!

  • Joe - 2011-02-15 02:04

    "Mubarak may be 'in bad health'" NO! You think? This fool just got his ASS handed to him and you think he's doing great? Now if only we could get the low IQ portion of the SA populace (the ANC voters) to WAKE UP and throw the ones causing their lives to be miserable out of office!

  • Shez-y - 2011-02-15 08:26

    The thing is, as soon as you are "caught", be your name Dewani, Shaik or Mubarak, the forces of nature make you sick and of course this is no fault of their own!! How can people be so heartless and not understand the pressures these folk are under??

  • Lettie - 2011-02-15 08:32

    Oh, my gallbladder was also removed. Ek gaan nou siek gooi, want ek is nie lus vir werk nie!!!!

  • tommy 2 - 2011-02-15 09:55

    I am sure he is ill,must be really concerned about all his bank accounts being frozen,and the crimes against humanity commited.Being the richest man one day and all of a sudden loosing your 70 billion fortune in less than a year, will make anyone sick.

  • cosmic_99 - 2011-02-15 10:43

    are we supposed to feel sorry for this fool?

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