New sectarian violence in Egyptian village

2012-08-01 16:25

Cairo - Security officials say new sectarian violence has erupted in a village near Cairo following the death of a Muslim man after earlier clashes there.

The officials say police used tear gas early on Wednesday against angry Muslims who were trying to torch the local church. The rioters set ablaze three police trucks and damaged several Christian homes.

Sixteen people, including 10 policemen, were injured. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak to the media.

Sectarian violence first erupted in Dahshour on Friday, when Christian and Muslim villagers hurled fire bombs at each other in a fight that started when a Christian laundry worker burnt a Muslim's shirt.

About 10% of Egypt's mainly Muslim 82 million people are Christian.

  • Nivan Lil'saint - 2012-08-01 17:54

    the Muslims in Egypt are always atackin th small 10% of christains..and 2 me thats cowardly.Jesus came 2 teach us Gods luv 2ward all mankind:its clear 2 c wich belief is truly 4rm God...u cnt kill sum1 simply coz thy dnt bliev wht u bleav we mus teach our bliefs in luv-4rm a desciple of Christ

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