Niger aims for December poll

2010-04-24 16:00

Niamey - Niger's consultative council said on Friday it had proposed a calendar for the transition from military rule, with the first round of a presidential election on December 26.

President Mamadou Tandja, who ruled the uranium-rich West African country for more than a decade, was toppled in a coup on February 18 and has been detained since.

The consultative council's president, Marou Amadou, said earlier on Friday that democracy should be restored by March 1, 2011.

The council later issued a statement on public radio proposing December 26 as the first round of presidential and municipal polls, with the results to be released on January 12.

A second round would take place on January 26, with results from the presidential election to be released on February 12 and from the municipal vote on February 27.

Under the same calendar there would be a referendum on the constitution on October 24.

The first sitting of parliament would be on February 14, it said.