Niger denounces Mali coup

2012-03-23 13:48

Niamey - Niger on Friday denounced the military coup in neighbouring Mali, the first in the stable west African in 21 years, and called for an immediate return to constitutional order.

"Niger is following with concern and total disapproval the evolution of the situation in Mali," a statement read out on state radio said, adding that Niamey "condemned all unconstitutional changes".

Rebel troops on Thursday seized key buildings in the capital and drove President Amadou Toumani Toure from his official residence.

Mali is usually seen as politically stable, but unrest in the north, where Tuareg tribes have long felt ignored by a southern government and where al-Qaeda has also taken root, has created a major security problem.

Junta spokesperson Lieutenant Amadou Konare said the takeover was because of a "lack of adequate [military] material to defend the nation".

In mid-January the Tuareg launched a fresh rebellion for the independence of what they call Azawad, which makes up the vast desert northern triangle of the nation.

The fighting has forced as many as 206 000 people to flee their homes, compounding a humanitarian disaster at a time of drought and food shortages, according to the United Nations.

  • mmoledis - 2012-03-24 14:34

    This is what AU must deal with harshly and condemn as quickly as possible because this can start more coups in other parts of Africa to happen where governments are semi weak or totally weak.Soldiers need to be taught that over throwing of legitimate government is wrong, and to government also must stop filling their pockets and forget the people they voted for as this is why some people revolt against governments, they must take services to the people,create jobs and educate their nation.GONE ARE THE DAYS FOR MILITARY TO OVER THROW PEOPLES GOVERNMENT. Is Mali's military going to be able to control the country or what? No they wont as they do not have political knowledge and skills of running the government they will just cause chaos in that country and nothing else.

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