Nigeria: Chevron rig fire on 5th day

2012-01-20 14:36

Lagos - Chevron Corporation says it is still trying to extinguish a five-day old fire on its rig off Nigeria's coast after presuming two foreign workers dead.

Chevron said on Friday it is preparing to drill a relief well to fight the fire.

Ian Laidlaw, an official from FODE Drilling Ltd, which was operating the rig on Chevron's behalf and employed the two foreign workers, declined to give their nationalities.

Chevron announced on Thursday that a search for the missing workers had been called off.

The San Ramon, California-based energy company says 152 other workers were rescued from the rig and a nearby barge after the fire broke out early on Monday. Nigeria's state-run oil company blamed it on a build-up of gas pressure.

A coastal community says the fire is killing the fish and tinting the sky "orange-red".