Nigeria: Mosque prayer service after attacks

2012-01-23 12:13

Kano - The emir of Kano has led a prayer service asking for God to help end attacks by a radical Islamist sect across Nigeria's north.

The ceremony by the senior Muslim religious official was held on Monday in the city of Kano, where more than 150 were killed in a series of co-ordinated attacks on Friday by Boko Haram.

 The emir spoke only for one minute in a voice so soft those gathered inside the half-emptied mosque could barely hear.

Boko Haram means "Western education is sacrilege" in the Hausa language of Nigeria's north. The group has carried out increasingly sophisticated and bloody attacks in its campaign to implement strict Shariah law and avenge the deaths of Muslims in communal violence across Nigeria.

  • Godfrey - 2012-01-23 12:56

    Seriously? If there was one of these gods then surely they would have intervened by now. Of course they could well be praying to the wrong god and all they are achieving is to aggravating the one true god, Thor.

      jowza1 - 2012-01-23 13:07

      is it?

      Heiku - 2012-01-23 13:17

      I'm not so sure but just to be safe ALL HAIL THOR

  • ian.barbro - 2012-01-23 13:30

    Why is it that the news never reflect the true facts? 150 killed! Systematic attacks are occurring on Christians in Nigeria and places like Syria, and yet the victims are seldom identified as Christian victims of Islamic attacks. If there are "peaceful Muslims", why do we not hear them protesting?

      jowza1 - 2012-01-23 13:40

      the goings on in nigeria is really sad.i dont see you commenting when christians attack muslims in nigeria.

      jowza1 - 2012-01-23 13:42 the article properly before you comment on peacefull muslims

      Godfrey - 2012-01-23 14:13

      I agree that the "peaceful" Muslim have very little to say to condemn Islamic violence. however, as others point out, this is a religious war and the Christians are as guilty of killing innocent Muslims. The tragedy is they are killing each other over differences of the best method to flatter an imaginary god. It is so senseless. But then gods and religion are senseless.

  • The-Azanian - 2012-01-23 13:52

    nigeria should consider sacking their leader badluck jonathan and placin sharia law or education in northern nigeria as a way out of sudan-like crisis.

  • Mthokozisi Ndokweni - 2012-01-23 14:01

    Africa is dead world

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