Nigeria: Mourning begins after plane crash

2012-06-04 10:02

Lagos - Nigeria began three days of mourning on Monday after a plane carrying 153 people plunged into a residential area of Nigeria's largest city of Lagos on Sunday, with all those aboard presumed dead.

The plane, which was flying to Lagos from the capital Abuja, crashed near the airport, damaging buildings and setting off an inferno in the poor and densely populated neighbourhood.

Several people were believed to have been killed on the ground, an emergency official said, while 10 burnt bodies were removed from a damaged building in the area, which was littered with plane debris including a broken wing.

President Goodluck Jonathan declared three days of national mourning and pledged a full investigation into Sunday afternoon's disaster involving a plane operated by domestic carrier Dana Air.

Chaos broke out after the crash, with rescue workers facing large crowds and aggressive soldiers while trying to access smouldering wreckage in the hunt for survivors.

The cause of the crash of the Boeing MD83 was unclear, but the emergency official as well as an aviation official said the cockpit recorder had been located and handed over to police.

Skies were cloudy at the time of the crash, but there had been no rain.

Nigeria has a spotty aviation record, although Dana had been considered to be a relatively safe and reasonably efficient domestic airline since it began operating in 2008.

Officials confirmed that no survivors from the plane had been found by Sunday evening, but said search operations were continuing.

  • Francis - 2012-06-04 10:42

    Sad news.may their souls rest in peace.

      VaMbozha - 2012-06-04 11:07

      Shame on you Tebogo! I dont think God will say "you are welcome" when you thank Him for that

      samuel.odu - 2012-06-04 11:16

      @Tebogo... Your comment says a lot about your person. I guess Zuma and his ANC ilks running your country down are Nigerians right? Or your fellow thugs and cowards who murder white farmers while they sleep in bed are also Nigerians, right? Oh... the animals who rape both young and old daily in SA are also Nigerians, right? Am sure you a pathetic uneducated fool... Waste of semen..

      sika.ncamane - 2012-06-04 11:28

      Tebogo that's mean and cruel thing to say, shame on you...! Samuel, what does this have to do with Zuma and ANC?

      minijere - 2012-06-04 12:27

      Tebogo, you are a moron. i can't believe that you are a human being

  • Thami - 2012-06-04 11:48

    Pilot was an American.His co-pilot was from India. The engineer from Indonesia. That is a cockpit for disaster

  • sihle.coco - 2012-06-04 12:12

    Yes! yes! Yes! Finaly president Zuma can take advantage of the mourning by increasing South africa's GDP....yes! Yes! Yes!

      minijere - 2012-06-04 12:25

      I guess zuma's job is not to increase GDP. Do you think b4 you shout?

  • mphomai - 2012-06-04 12:25

    May their souls find eternal peace. And their loved ones find solace in the Lord during this trying time. To get strong

  • Rupert - 2012-06-04 12:37

    Tebogo shame on you, what did nigerians do to you to wish them death . One day death will visit you too.

  • Godwin - 2012-06-04 13:45

    tebogo.madibana, I will just call you an idiot who have never board a plan in your life that is why you feel happy at the same time wish all Nigeria to die,well one day your close family member the one you love so much will die in your hand.I just wish it will happen to you today or before weekend so that you feel the same pain with the victim families

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