Nigeria charges 4 with arms trafficking

2010-11-26 08:16

Abuja - A Nigerian court has charged an Iranian and three Nigerians with arms trafficking in connection with an arms shipment officials seized last month at Nigeria's busiest port.

The magistrate's court in Abuja said on Thursday that it had charged Iranian national Azeem Aghajani for attempting to import prohibited arms into Nigeria with the intent of sending them to nearby Gambia.

The court also charged three Nigerians, Ali Usman Abass Jega, Aliu Oroji Wamakko and Mohammed Tukur in connection to the seizure.

Aghajani said he needed his embassy to represent him before he could present his plea.

Relations between Nigeria and Iran soured after Nigerian officials seized a hidden shipment of military-grade arms that originated in Iran and passed through the port in Lagos.

  • NoMore Despots - 2010-11-26 11:22

    May I suggest you throw out those vile terrorist Iran diplomats in Nigeria, just like Gambia did. All Iran embassies around the world are fronts for the terrorist al Quds force.

      people.3000 - 2010-11-26 23:45

      BS! Don't believe everything the media machine coming from USA tells you... You probably still think Iraq had WMDs...

  • Kammie Holder - 2010-12-30 01:52

    China sells machetes to African countries. Western Arm dealers/countries sell weapons to unstable African nations. When will stupid African leaders put the people first and stop developed countries from profiting from misery in Africa. Why does the richest continent still have some the poorest people. When will these countries stop exploiting Africa!

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