Nigeria helicopter crash - 3 killed

2011-07-30 17:10

Lagos - Authorities say two women and a male pilot died after a helicopter crashed in Nigeria's southwest.

The National Emergency Management Agency spokesperson says the three occupants were killed on Saturday afternoon in a hilly area outside Ife-Odan in Osun state. Yushau Shuaib did not give their names.

He said villagers helped to search for the bodies for six hours because a device meant to send out distress calls had not been activated after the rented helicopter traveling from Lagos to Ilorin crashed.

The agency's director-general says it will be inviting all airline and aircraft operators next week to discuss the use of the device.

A private plane crash in northern Nigeria killed a British pilot and a Nigerian plane engineer in May. The agency says the device had not been activated either.

  • GinSA1 - 2011-07-30 17:27

    Weather, pilot error, you don't know? Which is it, amongst the many it could be? At least say, the cause has not been determined yet. So, why not report on the accident on the N3 this afternoon, and just say, two cars were involved in a collision, and leave it right there? Same thing. Did any of you, including your clearly very busy editor, actually finish school, let alone study towards a qualification regarding journalism? Useless, and getting worse by the article. Shame man, I feel for you guys.

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