Nigeria links Iran to arms shipment

2010-11-11 22:37

Abuja - Nigerian officials have concluded in internal documents that Iran's government was behind the secret shipment of weapons that were discovered in Africa's most populous nation last month.

The documents were seen on Thursday by The Associated Press.

The cargo shipped from an Iranian port was listed as building materials but contained 107mm rockets, ammunition and arms.

Nigerian authorities believe Iran intended for them to be used to destabilise Nigeria.

The reports say Iran's foreign ministry supported a Nigerian visa application for one of two Iranians who organised the shipment, saying he would work for the Iranian embassy.

Iranian Ambassador Hussein Abdullahi declined to immediately discuss the allegations.

Nigeria has a predominantly Muslim north and Christian south and will hold presidential elections next year.

  • ddaydodger - 2010-11-11 23:31

    Iran should and never be trusted.Soon this evil regime must be taken out.Enough of Iran's terrorists activities.The world must act now.Sadly the world has not learn the lessons of Hitler's Nazi Germany in the 30's

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