Nigeria rescues girls from 'baby factory'

2012-04-13 13:16

Lagos - Nigerian police have raided an alleged illegal orphanage where they rescued young women thought to have been forced to bear children with the aim of selling them, a spokesperson said on Friday.

"We discovered the baby factory in Uruah local government area of the state during a raid following a tip-off," assistant police superintendent Oyekachi Orji told AFP of the operation in southern Akwa Ibom state.

He said seven women between the ages of 18 and 20, including three who were pregnant, were freed from the home during the 04 April operation. No babies were discovered.

Three suspects including the owner, his wife and another accomplice were arrested, he said.

"The suspects usually lure young girls to get pregnant with a promise of 70 000 naira [$445] after having their babies, which they sell to ritualists," he said.

A number of such "factories" have been discovered Nigeria, often intending to sell children to childless couples.

Human trafficking is widespread in west Africa, where children are bought from their families to work in plantations, mines and factories or as domestic help.

Others are sold into prostitution, and less commonly they are tortured or sacrificed in black magic rituals.

  • Shirley - 2012-04-13 13:21

    I cry for Africa! I cry for the world! Where has humanity gone????

      Jeanne - 2012-04-13 13:24

      To think that there is such little respect for life!!!

      Refugee - 2012-04-13 13:41

      they should create Lagos24 so that i dont stamble and read Lagos stories .....there i was thinking they where talking about the Nigeria in Hillbrow

      Jack - 2012-04-13 13:49

      You cant blame them, this is their culture!! Western world can only do so much.

      Thando - 2012-04-13 14:07

      This is sick . I can't believe it. Shocking. This isn't our culture we are not Nigerians

      Den - 2012-04-13 14:09

      u sure these are human?

      Geoff - 2012-04-13 14:13

      I bet these people also "cry" about how their forefathers were enslaved by the whites !

      Ruan - 2012-04-13 14:29

      I believe it must be the imperialists' fault.

      Xboxs - 2012-04-14 11:40

      @Jack & Geoff..whatever gutter mentality your parents raised you guys with ,you better get rid of it. You both sound dumber than a doorknob. What cultures? Is it the culture of whites as well to lock up their daughters in a basement for over a decade and rape them continuously? Is it the culture of whites to go on a killing spree ending over 70 lives in one single day? Is it the culture of whites as well to ask their workers to rape their wives and murder their stepson? Is it the culture whites to make pornographic videos of their children and sell it online? You don't have any IQ guys because no race , creed, country or society has the monopoly of violence. That is why every country on this planet has a police service. Funny how you guys who claim to have bigger cortexes always sound unintelligent.

      Xboxs - 2012-04-14 14:26

      @Ruan…do you know that making jokes about this article makes you as mentality sick at those people operating the baby farm. It means you find the article funny. It also shows that you have lost touch with you humanity hence your inability to differentiate between a tragic article and a funny article. In other word you are no longer human but an animal in fancy clothes.

      Lorain - 2012-04-23 09:39

      @ Xboxs Well said my brother,well said.

  • farmfreund - 2012-04-13 13:26

    It is time the Africans start the rural law system again , they understand how to cleance their communities from scum like this.

      E=MC2 - 2012-04-13 13:34

      mob justice... i say bring it!

  • E=MC2 - 2012-04-13 13:32

    Nigerians have to be the dodgiest of all African races... Makes me sick to think of the level of animalism these people can resort to!

      Jonathan - 2012-04-13 13:48

      @E=MC2 "mob justice... I say bring it!" time for you to look in the mirror hypocrite

      E=MC2 - 2012-04-13 14:04

      so should i rather say "Bring back the death penalty"? Would that make you sleep better at night?

      Bobby - 2012-04-13 14:24

      Luckely we whites have Hitler, Mengele and many other Caucasian animals to be proud of. They didn't do it themselves all the time, they had nice, European assistants throughout WW2. Just the other day the autrocities in former Yugoslavia were all over the news, and those were 'civilised' whites too! Stop your racist nonsense, there are very bad people all over the world. Of all colour, of both sexes. Luckely there are more around that are not so bad. (at least, I hope so)

      E=MC2 - 2012-04-13 14:28

      Bobby I wasn’t being racist... I just called Nigerians dodgy (Didn’t I?) So are many other nations & races but this specific article was about Nigerians, nothing about Nazi's or WW2! Come now

      Fidel - 2012-04-13 16:25

      WOW, Bobby, well said...There are some 'sick' individuals on these threads.

      Xboxs - 2012-04-14 14:50

      @E=MC2....Mr Genius, there is no such thing as African Races!!!! We have African Nations and Tribes but no races. In other words you an epic FAIL for a “genius” except if you are a genius in s.t.u.p.d.i.t.y. You talk of let us analyse the sins of Nigerian criminal against that of South African criminals: Nigerians criminals dabble in drugs, prostitution, fraud and baby farms. South Africans criminals dabble in drugs ,prostitution, Fraud ,insurance scams, racial assaults, child abuse, Atm bombings, company hijacks,child pornography, feeding blacks to lions, racial murders, murder of wives, murder of children, murder of farmers, rape of babies ,rape of women, rape of people’s wives during robberies, car hijacking, Kidnappings, robberies, cash in transit heist, mutilation of babies, mutilation of farmers e.t.c whew! The list is endless.

  • Sello - 2012-04-13 13:34

    Is this the Nigeria that our government recently apologised to?

      comurray - 2012-04-13 15:51

      OH YES!!

      Xboxs - 2012-04-14 14:57

      @Sello...And so what if your government apologized to Nigeria, it was the right thing to do. What does that have to do with this article. Were you educated in the eastern cape too because your comment has no bearing on the article? If you can not debate intelligently stick to using your BEE status to get a Job you are not qualified for or migrate to western cape where you will be issued a refugee pass and allowed to be re educated in their schools. @comurray..a man of your age should not encourage youngsters like sello to remain d.u.m.b.

  • nishan.sitlu - 2012-04-13 13:35

    How can people do things like this? Is the world gone crazy? money crazy!!

  • Leanne - 2012-04-13 13:37

    sick i tell ya

  • veritas.odium.paret - 2012-04-13 13:44

    You'd think the things that happen in movies like Hostel (ie selling people for torture and murder) are just sick gore that has no touch with reality. But apparently not...

  • James - 2012-04-13 13:44

    sick f***s!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gavin - 2012-04-13 13:47

    Imagine how great this country would be - if they applied their intellect towards honest endeavours...

      Sam - 2012-04-13 14:17

      what a point you made we always talk about these ppl with their great minds used for stupidity, imagine they discovered vacine for Hiv/Aids would that nt be better

  • tshivhombelaf - 2012-04-13 13:47

    Haven't they opened one factory yet here in SA? These scammers don't need to be accommodated in any country.

  • Soweto - 2012-04-13 13:54

    M certain that some of e nigerian pple in our country continue to practice similar if not worse acts here in sa. I hve never seen such selfshness as displayed by nigerians. They hve taken over hilbrow, berea nd yeoville, turned e places into drug dens and whore houses disguised as churches. When is our government going to open its eyes. Rockey street in yeoville is littered with their 'hardwares' one wonders who actually buys building material in such a congrete ungle

  • Zimbobwe - 2012-04-13 13:55

    Boko Haram can clean this mess easy peasy... just give them a chance.

      npretorius2 - 2012-04-13 14:05

      It might solve some of the problems. but not will create different mess. for example, woman and children's rights will be non existent, domestic abuse will be rampant, and torture and crucifixions will be common again. State and religion should be separated for a country to be funtional

      michael.a.devilliers - 2012-04-13 14:37

      Yes, because car bombs and church bombings are far better.

  • Phumi - 2012-04-13 14:00

    Prawns! Why are we not suprised?

      npretorius2 - 2012-04-13 14:06

      lol!! good one

  • Rob - 2012-04-13 14:04

    Walk with me into a surreal future where the population of Africa (a la Zuma) has exploded, but Africa is unable to feed or occupy them. Go a step further than baby farming as described above and move on to baby farming for food. Scary thought, but is it so far fetched. Could it be possible in Africa?

      patrick.saunders123 - 2012-04-13 19:42

      you must work for The Sun newspaper

  • Frans - 2012-04-13 14:10

    I would like to know if Government knows how many Nigerians there are in South Africa. More important, how many are legal?

  • Ian - 2012-04-13 14:11

    Blame it on the Colonists !!!!!

  • yolande.rwaai - 2012-04-13 14:34

    That's a new low. Even for them!

  • Andrew - 2012-04-13 14:36


  • emokgojoe - 2012-04-13 16:00

    im not an ANC fan but really whats this got to do with Zuma..just stop blaming everything on SA gov...its getting pathetic

  • Mable - 2012-04-13 16:17

    I bet there's a similar factory in Hillbrow...

  • Fidel - 2012-04-13 16:28

    Some crazy Nigerian saw the movie "Shoot 'Em Up" and decided to put this vile animal practice into life. Sick bastardos!

  • Witness - 2012-04-14 13:45

    What has the world turned into GOD please intervene we need you more than ever

  • Magomarele Gomi Thobejane - 2013-04-04 10:35

    Breeding in a massive scale! WTF...:(

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