Nigerian 'Islamists' killed in explosion

2012-03-03 12:00

Kano - Three suspected members of the Boko Haram sect were killed while assembling bombs in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, considered the group's stronghold, an army spokesperson said on Saturday.

The explosion in the Kaleri suburb of the northern city on Friday destroyed a house and dismembered the three Islamist sect members, Lieutenant Colonel Hassan Mohammed of the special military unit in Maiduguri said.

"We found some assembled IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and a large amount of bomb-making components. It is certain the victims of the explosion were Boko Haram members who got killed while coupling IEDs in an accidental explosion," Mohammed said.

Other items recovered at the scene included remote control devices, wrist watch timers, metallic drums and copies of the Qur'an, he said.

The sect converts homes into bomb-making factories for attacks, the spokesperson said.

As well as in Maiduguri, there have been accidental and fatal explosions in suspected Boko Haram bomb-making factories in the northern cities of Damaturu and Kaduna in recent months.

Gunmen shot dead a soldier on Friday in the northern city of Kano where members of Boko Haram recently killed 185 people in co-ordinated bomb and gun attacks, residents said.

Violence blamed on the sect, whose goals remain largely unclear, has since mid-2009 claimed more than 1 000 lives, including more than 300 this year alone, according to AFP and rights groups.

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  • Khalid - 2012-03-03 12:45

    slap the Name ISlam on anything and its controversial and new worthy? since when is not conforming to the western way of life a crime, eish? Anyways if they died so be it, also there are no sons of mohammed(besides any actual sons he had)? or of god on any other sily crap like that, we do not associate partners with god , he is Alone , no ghost spirit or avatar will represent him

      Khalid - 2012-03-03 13:52

      Also all theses so called sheiks are nothing but frauds , heathens and traitors to there own kinds, they are akin to me calling a toilet a pope, dont take there actions as any sort of judgment of what islam really is , we oppose all who try to oppress us , but we will not impose our selves on others, that is a Fundamental Law of islam

      Mohammed Afzal Jhetam - 2012-03-03 13:55

      @boer: You know nothing of Islam, and the Prophet (pbuh)... People in Arabia used to kill their daughters until the Prophet (pbuh) stopped this practice. Today it is Haraam(not allowed foe muslims) to do such an act in Islam.

      Boer - 2012-03-03 14:21

      As we say in the bad West: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

  • Irene - 2012-03-03 20:36

    Islamists killed !! :Yoooohoooo open the Moet.

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