'No govt shuffle ahead of Libya polls'

2012-04-23 07:46

Tripoli - The head of Libya's ruling National Transitional Council said on Sunday he did not envisage a government reshuffle before national elections slated for June, despite reports of possible changes earlier this month.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil told reporters there was "motivation" for changes in the government, but said a reshuffle was impractical because it would affect the timing of the planned parliamentary election.

"In my opinion there will be no change in the government and we will push through," he said. "A new government will need two weeks to pick names, another two weeks for it to take office and this is all valuable time taken away from the Libyan people."

The NTC was reviewing the work of some of the government's ministers, an NTC spokesperson said last week, with a view to possibly replacing some of them.

Last November, Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keib was brought in to deal with the tricky task of managing the country's transition from civil war to democracy.

He chose a new cabinet which began to integrate former

  • AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-04-23 08:34

    The NTC has done a great job, creating reasonably stability in this country , after 41 years of tyranny, and after the gaddafies slaughtering their oposition. Soon the Libyans themselves, will have the chance to choose the ( kind of ) government they prefer. Although there will always be a few, it is highly unlikely that there are many, who long for the "good old days" ( with its shallow unmarked graves scattered around the country !! )

      Fred - 2012-04-28 02:13

      Patrick, with respect, you don't speak for all Africans. You only speak for yourself. This is a physical universe of time, space and free will. People get to choose their preferences moment by moment. No-one gets to choose for them. It's a BIG risk to assume you speak for others. Many have tried. All have failed.

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