Oxfam: millions needed to avert Niger famine

2012-03-26 08:59

Niamey - The British aid agency Oxfam says millions of dollars are needed urgently to stop a hunger crisis in Niger turning into a catastrophe.

It says about 1.9 million people are at severe risk and that number could rise to 3.5 million next month. More than six million of the population of 17 million need immediate help.

Oxfam's Niger director Samuel Braimah said on Monday that "All signs point to an impending catastrophe" and that "the world cannot allow this to happen."

He said Oxfam has received only $3.8m of the nearly $20m it needs to help.

Oxfam blamed a lethal mix of drought, erratic rains, high food prices, entrenched poverty and regional conflict that has brought tens of thousands of refugees to Niger.

  • zaatheist - 2012-03-26 10:34

    Here we go again and again and again and again ............... The West feeds the starving millions in North Africa so they are fit enough to breed so that there will be more starving mouths to feed next year. When was "We are the World" and Bob Geldof: 30 years ago? Has the situation improved? No. The area these people live in cannot sustain them. I don't have the answer but populations have to be contained to break this never-ending cycle. At least prove a packets of condoms and a do-it-yourself vasectomy kit with each bag of food.

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