Pirates now torturing hostages - EU

2011-02-01 22:34

Nairobi - The commander of the European Union Naval Force says Somali pirates have begun systematically torturing hostages and using them as human shields.

Major General Buster Howes said on Tuesday that pirates have recently tied hostages upside down and dragged them in the sea, locked them in freezers, beaten them and used plastic ties around their genitals.

He says the pirates are using hijacked vessels as platforms to launch attacks more frequently because they know Western navies will be more reluctant to intervene if there are hostages onboard.

Howes said that pirates also had set fire to ships where crews were hiding in a safe room.

  • Pragmatist - 2011-02-02 01:38

    ARM the crews of ships in those areas - What is wrong with all you limp wrist-ed "civilized" nations? Why are you always so scared of fighting back? Sit off shore and shell the Somali villages where the pirate bases are. Keep at it until they stop.

      daaivark - 2011-02-02 09:04

      Very pragmatic that!

  • wgibsonsa - 2011-02-02 13:31

    This is an act of war. Do we need to feel sorry for the pirates because of the condition of their country. They are savage thugs that need to be treated as such. Why are companies allowing their sailors to put their lives at risk and expect no help from the companies that employ them. I f these ships are not going to be adaquitly secured then sailors and captains should refuse to sail those waters. I challenge any ship owner to spend a few months sailing these waters. These ships should have armed security on board and any potential threat should be harshly dealt with. How is it that we allow these savage thugs to hold us to ransom. Get a naval blockade going and search every "fishing" boat in those waters. If any weopon besides a knife is found confiscate and sink the boat. These turds know that the feeble minded and weak liberals will do nothing and that is why they do this. This is not about poor fisherman trying to earn a living but about thugs trying to hold the world to ransom.

  • wgibsonsa - 2011-02-02 13:42

    Shell them into the stone age. That is what they deserve. Lay waste to every village suspected of harboring these savages. Believe me in that the whole village is in on piracy from the young to the old. Every one is guilty of this crime.

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